We have encountered some turbulent and testing times here at the company. Following on from Keith having a heart attack, my own wife was taken into hospital to have surgery which resulted in much soul-searching and heartbreak for her and I.

Whilst we have been incredibly lucky to have family and close friends who offer up much support, we are doing all we can to remain as responsible as we can for our own well-being and emotional and psychological health. We are allowing ourselves to grieve over the nature of what happened, and vent our frustrations and seeming sense of unfairness with the world, but we are also doing all we can to rise up, move onwards and make our lives happier.

Of course, we continue to love each other as a means of getting through the tough times, but we also do a number of our own things to help deal with our thoughts and feelings. This may seem like a rather uninspiring way to open a blog aimed at personal development and therapy, so I want to offer up an uplifting process rather than get maudlin or morose.

This process today is one whereby you do all you can to think positively, find the opportunities and good within situations, circumstances and your life in general. If you find yourself faced with tough times, then this kind of self-hypnosis session should help keep things in perspective, enable you to be philosophical about life and also to turn the situation into an opportunity as much as you possibly and reasonably can.

Lots of you regular readers know what a penchant I have for fantasy, sci-fi and magic and this is one of those techniques that allows you to introduce some creative and artistic license along with some magic.

7 Steps To Think Positively and Rediscover the Joy and Opportunity In Life’s Situations

Step One: Get yourself into a comfortable position and one whereby you are going to be undisturbed for the duration of this exercise. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and hands are not touching each other.

Then in that position, hypnotise yourself. You can do so by any preferred means.

You can use the free session on my website to practice or read my book or some of the articles on my website to learn how to do so. (Get in touch if you need a hand finding them, though if you use the ‘search blog posts’ facility on my blog here, you’ll find what you are after with ease) One you are hypnotised, move on to step two.

Step Two: Start to find yourself in a created, magical place. Engage your imagination, see the sights, hear the sounds and feel the thrill of being in a magical environment that induces within you a sense of awe and inspiration. Notice the environment and due to the magical nature of it, you start to notice that your feelings are visualised and actualised in some way.

Start to notice that love is emanating from you as a light or a colour that is beautiful to see, it feels wonderful to be accompanied by this actual real-life love. Interpret this in whatever way is best for you, engage in the sights, sounds and enjoy the feelings as much as you can as you let your imagination present you with some wonder.

When you have really engaged in this magical land of your own creation and got your love visible and with you in some way, then move on to the next step.

Step Three: Begin to explore and move through this amazing, fantastical place of your own creation. Find and discover a building that is magical, magnificent and beautiful – it may be a castle, a house, a manor or any other kind of beautiful stately building.

Move inwards and become aware of the details, the furniture, the colours and decoration and let yourself feel deeply comfortable and at home in this place.

Once you have spent enough time creating it to your absolute liking, then find a room where you can be relaxed, at ease and start to use this place for some personal development and benefit. Move into that room and find a mirror.

Notice the dimensions of the mirror, the way the room is, really continue to engage your imagination and stand looking into the mirror, then move on to the next step.

Step Four: Look at your reflection. Observe and perceive yourself as you know you can be, as you are truly meant to be and as you really deserve to be.

Notice your body being held confidently and with a deep rooted sense of strength, with a deep sense of purpose. Watch the love continue to emanate from you, notice how stable you seem as a result of that love, notice how balanced you are and really invest your feelings and thoughts in creating things in this way.

Spend all the time you need to make sure you see yourself as poised and balanced, with love and develop a sense of belief in how and who yo are before moving on to the next step.

Step Five: Beyond the mirror is a door and you get a sense that this door is the way to your potential, this door is a place of opportunity and so feeling deeply secure in yourself you move and walk through the door.

Sit down in a comfortable chair, one that supports you and is designed for you and notice that all about you, the furniture and ornaments of the room symbolically represent issues you are facing and dealing with, problems you face…

As you move your gaze around the room to understand what each thing represents, you start to see the things as they really are, in their true context and in perspective, and you start to recognise that deeper within each of these items you start to get a sense of opportunity… that is, as you look at it, you start to find yourself thinking of ways you can learn and benefit from that thing, ways in which this may be useful and what doors open in your life as a result.

Start to think intelligently and reason neutrally about what steps can be taken to resolve issues or problems and as you start to think differently and perceive them differently, notice that they start to dissipate and eventually disappear from the room.

Spend some time to remove as many of the issues as possible, while remaining string and confident in yourself. Start to enjoy the opportunities you present to yourself, though if few or none spring to mind, still enjoy the process or dissipating the issues symbolically and deciding upon some action.

Get into the viewpoint that previous problems and issues are revitalising, and an opportunity for growth, development and then move on to the next step.

Step Six: Now imagine basking in more of the love (whether it is light, colour, sensation or anything else) and imagine it as a force for healing and well-being that builds within you and that you start to absorb back into your body again.

Imagine it in whatever way is best for you, and get a real felt sense of loving and healthiness and healing. Imagine things being put right deep inside of you. Take as much time as you think is necessary to truly spread this love and well-being through your entire body.

Step Seven: Once you have done that and really noticed the difference in how you feel, start to remember the real place you are in, wiggle your toes and fingers and take some deep breaths. Keep the good feelings with you and go take some action that is going to help you prove to yourself that you have let go of negative feelings and that you are viewing your life and the environment of your life as one filled with opportunity and love.

Go and find some opportunities and practice this process a few times to really make the most of it.

I fly out to Manchester later today to run a seminar, but the blog will be back next week…