Since my latest book “The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence Based Way To Hypnotise Yourself” was launched, I have been taken aback by the wonderful responses I have received. I have had valuable critiques as well and any resulting amendments will form part of future editions of the book.


We do not have a huge marketing budget or the backing of a major international book publisher to promote the book, so we rely on satisfied readers sharing their thoughts about the book. If you have read it and invested in a copy, it would be wonderful if you also would consider writing your thoughts at Amazon or sending them on to me directly, to help us in our efforts. It will be and continues to be greatly appreciated by us.

…. And heck, the more people we can touch with the book, the more high quality self-hypnotists there are going to be in the world, right? Which is a good thing you are contributing to, right?  😉

Here are a handful of reviews shared by readers to date:

I have been in Hypnotherapy practice for 30 years, and written a number of books on the subject. Any letters I have received say they enjoy the book because of the “simple” writing.
Adams writing is very simple and that gives the book it’s charm.
It is very difficult to write about a complex subject in a simple way. Adam does this with great ease.
The contents describe many ways to understand and use self hypnosis– for the beginner, experienced therapist, or anyone who wishes to explore this intriguing subject,with no wish to teach others.
His research, from Coue to Erickson, backs up his statements in a way that allows readers to explore further, should they wish.
All in all it is a welcome addition to works on hypnosis.

Dr. Brian Roet

This is an excellent and comprehensive volume about self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is an enormously powerful tool for positive change and self-development. Adam has written a book that will probably become the ‘gold standard’ for this subject.

I have only read about half of the book so far. Why? Because the first half is devoted to the theory and basics of self-hypnosis whilst the second half is devoted to using it for specific purposes. You could read the book cover to cover, but that is not how it is intended to be used. It is not a book intended to just instil the reader with knowledge and theory (although it does this very well). It is a book designed to guide the reader to become adept at what is a skill that needs to be practised.

Once you have worked through the first few chapters and become familiar with the theory and science behind the subject you reach the point where you need to start practising yourself. Adam makes it clear that self-hypnosis is a skill that can be learned by everyone but, just like playing a musical instrument, it takes practice, practice, practice. There are many mental exercises and methods that are aimed to improve the imagination and capability of the reader to do self-hypnosis and many ways to both induce and deepen hypnosis.

Thus I am practising the basics before I move on to the later chapters that explain how self-hypnosis can be used for pain management, insomnia, IBS, habits and much more.

Adam is committed to evidence based therapy and thus the text is liberally sprinkled with references to research studies that support his advice. It is also reassuring to note that Adam himself has many years of practical experience and has taught thousands of students. All through the book there is a feeling that you are being guided by an leading expert in the field.

It is a serious book about a serious subject and if you are serious about making positive changes to your life and are willing to put in the time, then this is the book for you.

Is the book perfect? Almost, but I have just one minor quibble. At times, Adam uses a little too much terminology that will be unfamiliar to the average member of the public e.g. “hypnosis is … considered to be an independent modality of therapy that is comparable to psychodynamic, behavioural, or cognitive approaches to therapy”. However, the vast majority of the book is very easy to follow, so I have no hesitation in recommending it and giving it a full 5 stars.

For the record, I have no connection with Adam, but I am a hypnotherapist and have read several books on self-hypnosis – this is by far the best.

Peter Hall

Having purchased Adams original book on this subject, ( which was a best seller ), I was told about this book over a year ago that it was going to be produced. Adam is someone who is highly respected in the hypnosis field and one of my leading peers and who’s work I have studied and followed for a number of years.

I only delved into the work of Adam with his last book and this new book, has changed and added on to the subject of self hypnosis, what it is, how it works, methods to produce the results which you desire. Including evidence to back up everything which is being stated. The work of evidence based hypnosis is one which more people need to follow to be able to move this field of work forward and Adam clearly is a man who does this, and his passion comes through.

I own a lot of books and other hypnosis products and this book is by far the one which must be read to be believed, I have read many hundreds of books on hypnosis and the mind and this book is the only one I would trust for a guide to how to use my mind for the better using self hypnosis.

If you are serious about wanting to make changes in your life, or teach self hypnosis to others, buy a copy of this book, put some time aside to practice and reap the rewards. Then buy another copy for your loved ones who want to change their lives.

Fantastic work Adam, it was well worth the wait.

Kind regards

Craig Galvin
What can I say, It’s Adam Eason!

This book is exactly what you would expect from a master in the field.

Clearly written, simplicity at it’s best and informative beyond expectation.

Having only been introduced to Adam’s work somewhat recently (having met him around a year ago), this is one of a few works of his that I have had the pleasure of purchasing. Needless to say, my appreciation of his work has increased with every one.

The time and effort Adam has put into this particular book is more than apparent from the very beginning. His evidence based approach is undoubtedly going to revolutionise the understanding of anyone privileged enough to witness and, unlike many I have read (very very many), EVERYTHING is backed up by what seems like hours and hours of research and proof, making this a MUST HAVE for ANYONE, regardless of whether your a practising hypnotist wishing to teach and utilise proven methods of self hypnosis, or a complete layperson wishing to make profound changes to your life, this one is for you.

All in all, I can not recommend Adam’s work enough and can guarantee a severe lack of disappointment for all who are lucky enough to indulge 🙂

Rob Watkins


I have spent many years reading self help books to help me be ‘better’, ‘richer’, ‘thinner’ and really got very tired of them all and consequently binned a good many of them. I read Adams original book about Self Hypnosis which was fascinating and was very comprehensive and actually helped me on my journey to create the change that I wanted to achieve. His second book is better, created from evidence based practices which is extraordinarily refreshing in a number of aspects. Firstly to know that what’s included within it’s pages isn’t just pseudo science caught up in the next new trendy self help rollercoaster, secondly that Mr Eason is clearly open to new ideas and ways of thinking himself. It’s very easy to get stuck in what you believe in without having an open mind. Adam openly admits ‘I am embarrassed by my first book’ he no longer believes in the original model that he adhered to.
Learning self hypnosis teaches you to take back some control of your thoughts, behaviours and beliefs therefore creating the change that you’re inevitably looking for if you are reading this post.
As a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself I recommend this book to all my clients.

Claire Lincoln

Clearly a enormous amount of work has been put into producing what I think will become ‘the’ book on self hypnosis. Its scientific and evidence base stance will appeal to the healthily sceptical yet his friendly and witty style makes for an easy, informative and enjoyable read. This is a magical subject explained in a clear and rationally argued manner that just makes sense and will appeal to anyone wanting to regain or enhance control over their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Steve Baxter