Many people probably realise that regardless of the supposed depth of hypnosis someone is experiencing, they still may or may not respond to the suggestions they receive from the hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

We tend to do all we can to ensure it does not happen and that our clients do respond and react to our suggestions; we educate accordingly prior to hypnosis, we create expectancy and various other things to ensure the most amount of responsiveness to our suggestions, so that ideally, the client benefits.

There is one such way to deliver a hypnotic suggestion that cannot fail, and that is to cover every possibility as far as the response to the suggestion is concerned.

If you (as hypnotist or hypnotherapist) deliver a suggestion that covers all the potential and possible responses, it means that however the client responds, it is a successful and hypnotic response. This sort of approach to suggestion delivery is particularly useful in the early stages of working with a client, as they are finding their way around their own experience of hypnosis and learning more about their experience.

So if I were to mention that the client starts to notice the temperature in their hand, and that “as a result of this hypnosis experience, you might notice your hand is warm, or perhaps cool, or somewhere in between…” All the options and response of the client are correct. If I expanded that and said “and perhaps it feels heavy or light, or somewhere in between” I develop the idea further.

Whatever direction they go in, however they respond, it is correct…

I could then go on to suggest that something will happen to that hand “maybe it’ll feel as if it is so light that it wants to lift up comfortably, or perhaps it feels so heavy that it feels stuck fast in that position, or perhaps you’ll notice nothing significant at all and just allow it to continue to be comfortable in the position that you find it in…”

Each time, the options given cover every angle and can be interpreted by the client as hypnotic success, thus encouraging them and heightening responsiveness. It can also give them confirmation that the way they are responding is the right way, and serve as ratification (as I discussed here last week on the blog) and encouragement too.

Following a basic eye-closure induction technique of some kind, I sometimes keep the focus on the eyes to use as a deepener and within that deepening process might include something nice and simple such as “notice the sensations in your eyelids… Perhaps getting heavier as they relax there, or perhaps you notice a lightness as they enjoy being closed… Or maybe they just feel like they do any other time when they are closed… I don’t know… And the most important thing is that you are aware of what happens in those eyelids as you go deeper into hypnosis…”

We chain and tack an assumptive/adjunctive suggestion on the end that presupposes they go deeper and we carry on with our deepener in our own way from there.

It is just a simple little way of delivering suggestion, that covers all angles of interpretation, aiming at heightening responsiveness, assuring the client and keeping them focused.

Have a great day.