Ok, so there is a lot of evidence to support the benefits of laughing to our health and well-being. You can just go to google scholar and type in “evidence for therapeutic laughter” and there will appear an array of studies to show how good it is for us in a wide range of ways.

I am not going to talk about it today. I am just going to offer up a number of things that make me laugh. That’s it.

I am in the middle of a crazy busy week; we have our hypnotherapist peer support group tonight with Sean Michael Andrews, the world’s fastest hypnotist, coming to present to us. On Friday I run my rapid inductions and hypnotic phenomena for hypnotherapists seminar and then I run my hypnotherapy diploma all weekend, it is the penultimate module for my current group.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a report on how tonight went.

First up, my favourite ever stand-up comedy piece, by Stewart Lee. I laugh just thinking about the blow up alien.

Next, just a short clip to give you a flavor of Ian D Montfort, you need to listen to his radio shows, they are ball-bustingly funny.

Next up, my comedy hero Steve Coogan, the man behind Alan Partridge who you can go and watch on YouTube anytime you like. He did a series called Coogans Run with a number of one-off shows featuring funny characters. The one with Gareth Cheeseman made me crack up from the opening scene, where he speeds up, races through a red, the resumes his singing after causing a crash and uttering some expletives, pretending nothing happened.

For some high-brow comedy, I love Charlie Brooker, this take on how the news is reported is brilliant.

Closely related, Philomena Cunk, whose series of ‘Moents of Wonder’ are just hilarious, so dry.

Finally, I had to include my favourite ever scene from Family Guy.  It suits teenage boy humour that I adore and is probably not for the squeamish.

I wanted to include stuff from Red Dwarf, Blackadder, South Park, my other favourite stand-ups, but this little lot should get you smiling today….