No major blog entry today.

Just a notification of sorts really. The latest episode of the evidence based hypnosis podcast has gone live and I have to say I have loved the past year of recording it. The response we have had from people involved in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy field has been amazing.

I am going to be taking an extended break from this podcast for a while though. I am pretty sure we’ll be back, but for now I have a number of other projects that are going to consume me much more and so I will not have the time to research, write and record the evidence base hypnosis podcast.

That said, all the back episodes can be found here on the website, just visit the page on this website under the resources section of the site and you’ll find every edition we ever recorded including those that got plenty of people fired up (regression episodes, paranormal enquiry, is there such a thing as the unconscious mind etc.), so do go and listen if you ever missed getting the episodes on your podcast provider.

I hope you have enjoyed the podcast, like I say, I am sure we’ll return to it at a later date, but for now, I have other projects to tend to… Watch this space as they say…

(The final episode was about how to be a great hypnotherapist… Hmmm… How do you go about answering such a thing? I had a go and gave my honest thoughts…)