The academic year has come to an end and I do not teach again until September. It gives me a chance to revitalise, get on with other projects and to get things set up for our next academic year as I make updates to the course and the way we deliver our courses and so on.

Last weekend was one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had in my working career.

From a personal point of view, I benefited greatly and was reassured that we go about things in a good, progressive way here. I was lucky enough to get gifts from the student, along with wine, liqueur, home baked goods and a lovely card, I got these fabulous t-shirts!












It was incredibly thoughtful. I mentioned my love of Brie during the course and so to get that t-shirt with the words “the Big Cheese” on the back seemed very funny. WIth the other t-shirt, they took it to another level. I love them!

On the Saturday night, we had our end of year Summer dinner and dance. We enjoyed a meal, had celebratory drinks in our best clothes and danced the night away.

For those that have not seen it, here is the clip of our Harlem Shake meme that a section of those present on the night had the most amount of fun doing! it is on YouTube now doing the rounds.


it is not every day hypnotherapists don wigs, costumes and dance like maniacs for the benefit of an internet meme!

Leaving class on Sunday, I had those familiar annual thoughts… Sad to think that this group of students will not be in class together again in this way. But excited that they’ll be coming to other events, excited that they’ll be working as professional hypnotherapists, and excited that I’ll be meeting a completely new group later this year who I hope to develop a similarly good working relationship with and maybe even make some more friends as I have done this year.

Next year, I almost have a new set of course assistants, which I am also excited about. Though sad for my friends Gareth and Helen to be leaving – both are going on to great things with their lives and careers. It is with some excitement as well as sadness that I waved off Lindsay and Jill for the final time as course assistants as they go on to take the School’s Diploma course to Birmingham and I shall be writing about that more here very soon.

In the past couple of days, the feedback I have had about the school and the courses we run has been incredible and I thought I’d share just three of the testimonials I have had in the past day:

“I genuinely believe that Adam Eason and his diploma course in hypnotherapy are unique. I am yet to meet another hypnotherapist who even comes close to possessing Adam’s incredible wealth of life-experience, almost unbelievable depth of knowledge, and astonishing skill as a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. On top of that, Adam is a thoroughly nice man, who gives his time, patience and understanding generously to everyone he meets. He also has a great sense of humour, and peppers everything he does with entertaining stories, fun humour, and lots and lots of laughs.

This course is a LOT of hard work, but it gives you the most thorough and comprehensive knowledge and set of practical skills, which genuinely leave you fully-equipped to go straight into practise as a hypnotherapist. Adam’s course covers many different techniques and approaches to hypnotherapy, but his own evidence-based cognitive-behavioural preference (which the course leans towards) really rings true for me, and helps to give this field an ever-increasing amount of credibility.

Adam is a brilliant teacher, an extraordinary hypnotherapist, a highly successful author, an accomplished runner, a great father, and much much more. Doing his diploma course is the best decision I have ever made, and was worth every single penny.”

Jill Alldridge, Hypnotherapist, Poole, Dorset. (Pictured above)

“When I was researching hypnotherapy courses, I came across quite a few, one being Adams. I looked thoroughly through all of the websites and the various prospectuses and decided to choose Adams course because the prospectus was in a lot of detail and outlined the various parts of the course. It also seemed to be the most interactive and practical course which I think is extremely important in this line of work. A mixture of both theory and practical is needed to gain a well-rounded perspective and skill set in order to work as a hypnotherapist. Another main reason for choosing to study with Adam Eason was because the course was taught by himself rather than a company providing teachers for the course. This made it seem more personable and showed his passion and love for the subject.

The course was utterly fantastic, it was the best decision I have made in my life. Even as a young person looking to begin a career I felt comfortable and well suited to the course. The content exceeded my expectations and the course covered a lot of subjects and problems that we would see clients for. I also believe that because Adam has a set of course assistants who were fabulous and have previously completed his course, it provides the students with extra support and guidance and because they have completed his course they understand the process we are going through.

Adam is a fabulous teacher and his personality really comes through in his teaching. He used his knowledge and experience to guide us and help us to become the best therapists we can be. He provided detailed feedback during the homework calls and about our practical work. his explanation of the techniques was clear and thorough. He made the course extremely enjoyable and a great learning experience.

The mentor I was supplied had completed Adams course the previous year and was already a thriving hypnotherapist. This really hit home that we can start a successful business if we put our mind to it. Helen was a fantastic mentor and was always around to provide support and help. She was able to provide guidance about all aspects of the course and in relation to starting a business. When I sent Helen an email, she replied extremely quickly which was helpful. She was willing for me to run through my case studies with her and provide my rationale for using certain therapies; she listened and helped me become a more effective therapist. Helen has a vast amount of knowledge and already has a great level of experience which has really helped me progress on the course. She has inspired me to carry out additional research and continually motivated me to complete my homework on time. Until module 4 I had only completed a small amount of the homework tasks but with the help of Helen, the other assistants, Adam and more friends on the course I was able to finish my HPD by the end of the course.

With each module of the course, I felt more comfortable and capable in delivering therapies to clients, it is a great help working with others on the course and delivering hypnotic techniques in order to practice and gain feedback.

I would recommend the course to anyone interested in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Being a part of Adams school not only means getting a hypnotherapy qualification, it also includes the opportunity to attend peer support groups, business developments groups, self-hypnosis and rapid induction courses. Adam has a great deal of experience and provides the most comprehensive on-going support to people who attend his courses. I believe that had I have completed another course, my journey would have ended after the course finished and I would have only be taught the course material, Adam has run extra courses and support groups for members of the public as well as students which has been fantastic in helping us be a part of the hypnosis community.

This course has been a life changing event and I have made lifelong friends. I cannot thank Adam and the assistants enough for everything they have given me. I will continue to be friends with everyone and progress onto being a successful hypnotherapist.”

Fiona McGill, Hypnotherapist, Basingstoke, Hampshire. (Pictured above)

“If you’re looking to combine Hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive Bavioural Therapy and many other
therapeutic methods into a fantastic toolbox to become a competent therapist or coach,
you’ve come to the right place.

Apart from being very professional, authentic and caring, Adam provided us with
a wonderful, fun-filled learning environment throughout the course. To me, he
seems to be like a therapeutic Lexicon which you can tap into at any time to
enchance your own competency as a therapist.

I also benefited personally from learning a vast array of cutting-edge information which
enhanced my personal growth tremendously. Every month I looked forward to another
weekend of training with Adam and his team. The course was worth every penny!”

Riggie Freyer, Tennis Coach & Hypnotherapist, Germany. (Pictured above)

I enjoyed reading those back again just now I must say. it makes the hard work feel very worthwhile. Following that rather indulgent blog entry, I’ll be back soon with more hypnosis stuff.