The 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention has recently announced the speakers and the convention seminars and workshops, and this year, I’m delighted that I’ll be running a pre-convention seminar in addition to my speaking slot. Here is a video about that first of all…..

You can read the full details and book on by going to this page at the UK Hypnosis Convention website.

This year, my presentation at the convention is going to be a two hour presentation and is entitled “Hypnosis and The Science of Placebo.”

Here is the official blurb for this presentation that is going to be packed with science and include some very cool demonstrations that I cannot wait to share:

Think you know placebo? You’ll have heard the term undoubtedly, can you explain what is meant by the placebo “effect” though? Do you know how to harness it in order to advance what you do in your therapy rooms? Prof. Irving Kirsch, associate director of Placebo Studies at Harvard University once described the effects of hypnosis as being similar to a “non-deceptive mega placebo” – we’ll unravel what was meant by this and how it can be so useful for hypnotherapists. This will be a very information packed presentation and will conclude with some major demonstrations as detailed below.

In this presentation Adam will explain what placebo and nocebo are according to science, he’ll then explain and illustrate how the placebo “effect” is measured and what it actually is and what it represents (there’ll be graphs and stuff on display here to illustrate!). You’ll also then learn the following:

– The varying kinds of placebo and which are more effective for varying kinds of issues (we’ll focus on the kinds of issues that hypnotherapists typically work with in their therapy rooms).
– The parts of the brain that neuroscience explains are effected by placebo.
– How that compares to the brain activity in hypnosis.
– An understanding of the mechanisms that make placebo what it is.
– The relationship between hypnosis and placebo (we’ll learn about their similarities, their distinctions, but importantly; how they enhance each other when the scientific principles are applied correctly) .
– How placebo compares to hypnosis in research.
– Why it is that placebo is so effective even when the recipient knows it is a placebo, and how you can ensure that your clients benefit from placebo enhancing what you do in your therapy rooms, even when you tell them so!
– Adam will also explain and talk through some of the most amazing and mind-boggling studies that have showcased the placebo effect.

With the theory and the science established at the foundation of this presentation, Adam will then demonstrate how placebo can be applied to advance what hypnotherapists do with their clients in their therapy rooms, this will include:

– What the science suggests advances placebo in talk therapies. That is, with the addition of a few key scientifically proven additions to your language and delivery (and notable other areas), you can skyrocket and harness the effect of placebo with any client.
– How to advance the placebo effect even when your client knows it is placebo.
– How to use a combination of placebo and hypnosis to depression clients with major effect (full session notes and explanations will be given in this regard), placebo has been known to outperform many anti-depressants, though some researchers have shown how some anti-depressants work in similar ways to placebo.
– How placebo can be applied to numerous other issues and ailments in conjunction with hypnosis.

Finally, Adam will offer some major practical, real-time demonstrations with members of the audience combining the most recent science of placebo with evidence-based hypnosis applications:

– Adam will create rapid anaesthesia and analgesia and test it emphatically, live during this presentation.
– Adam will recreate some of the effects used in his Glastonbury “Tripnosis” events of the late 1990s using hypnosis and placebo to create natural highs. – Every element of all the demonstrations will be useable by any and every hypnosis professional present and Adam will highlight the mechanisms that are placebo and hypnosis while he conducts the demonstrations.

This will be the only time Adam presents this interactive lecture this year. Adam is known for being a major hypnosis geek and this presentation will offer a huge amount for those who wish to discover more about the science of hypnosis and how it is being understood and explored by neuroscientists today. However, the main aim of this presentation is to equip all those present with useable, applicable skills and tools that they can go and use with clients right away. There’ll be a number of resources, materials and guides given to all present in order to be able to apply all the theory learned and use it with real-life people for their betterment. Whatever background you have in the field of hypnotherapy, the information and skills presented here will be useable and tangible. The applications of hypnosis and placebo will include pain control, depression, anxiety, mood elevation, sports performance and stress relief in particular. Though Adam will highlight how so many of the evidence-informed skills he presents will be applicable to a far wider set of therapeutic issues. Don’t miss this one.


It is going to be a great event. I am going to be around for it all, I’ll be manning a stall and will have a new batch of super-cool hypnosis geek badges for anyone who attends my presentation. Come and say hello.

Visit the website of the UK Hypnosis Convention here to grab your tickets. Also, you can get yourself a discount on your ticket if you use the code adameason when purchasing. You’re welcome!