There is another interesting story relating to hypnosis that is currently sweeping the internet.

Hypnotic Shop.

Hypnotic Shop is an installation by “sensual artists” Sam Bompas and Harry Parr at Browns Focus clothing store on London’s upmarket South Molton Street. Famous for making world class jelly and alcoholic atmosphere’s, they have turned their hands to using hypnosis to sell clothes.

Their idea is that using hypnotic techniques to deliver messages and create a different kind of way to present the shop and it’s environment, they will sell more. This is more than being told by your estate agent that having a pot of coffee on the go and freshly baked bread recently taken out of the oven helps sell your home. An entirely new level altogether.

The hypnotic effects, begin with an optical window installation that utilises what they refer to as “vertigo therapy” to pull you in… Hahaha, surely vertigo inducement is going to drive people away and have the high class shoppers reaching for a cup of chamomile tea or a pipette full of rescue remedy, no?  They also have music and sound effects which have the aim of making their clientelle feel sexy and good about themselves.

As you can see in detail in the video clip included here today.

The designers even release “micro-encapsulated vanilla scents” throughout the shop entrance area. There is some American research that has apparently shown that when these kinds of “feminine” scents are released, sales of clothes can double.

The plan is to measure the effects of the designs and hypnotic messages to see if the approach has been a success and resulted in increasing sales. I’ll be interested to see those results, I must say. They claim to have used scientific evidence to support what they have done – though they must have ignored the monumentally huge amount of evidence that shows subliminal messages do not work at all.

The most hypnotic thing I recommend the shop does, is employ friendly, smiley, and non-invasive staff to help create a safe environment, but I guess that would not do for such a prestige shopping area. The opinion of the psychologist in the video clip is the one closest to what I think here.

I really want to take my wife on a shopping trip to London and visit this store to see if there is actually in what they are doing here… If Mrs Eason steps out of the shop with some Jimmy Choos and Vera Wang clobber, I’ll know for sure they have designed things well.