As a boy I was told in many quarters that sarcasm was the lowest form of wit. So excuse my blatant sarcasm with todays blog title… I am generalising all the blogs that I read daily that make claims of all manners about what NLP language patterns can do. Jeeez!

I could make a longer list than just ‘seduce women, make other people do your bidding, be an amazing sales person, etc’

This sort of generalised pap that heavily punctuates the internet is the sort of stuff that leads people who are new to these fields to turn their noses up, raise one eyebrow or be suspicious about NLP, hypnosis and related fields.

Loads of people attempt to blog with these provoking blog titles about what can be done using NLP language patterns and today it just happened to be this blog entry at the Hypnotic Solutions  blog, with it’s title “Use NLP Based Language To Seduce.”

Let’s get one thing straight from the off — these language patterns existed long before NLP did… NLP was formed and created by modelling other people who were already using them… Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls to begin with — they were already using them! The Milton Model and Meta model — central components of NLP’s language usage — are both simply modelling, forumlating and stripping out the language for the easy use of others.

So, NLP was modelled from things that already existed… The languge does not ‘belong’ exclusively to NLP!

Secondly, when using this stuff, whether it is NLP identified language patterns or from any other seduction field, they need congruent use to be effective… By that, I mean if you just apply them like they are lines you are regurgitating — any other person, male, female, sales prospect, colleague, whatever, is going to feel it and sense it and be aware of its lack of authenticity!

Ross Jeffries, the creator and pioneer of the mainstream seduction community dislikes people just being spoonfed language patterns and teaches you to use them naturally, understanding the concepts and having a good intention that sits behind their application.

So my point is simply to say, that when you see these types of blog postings or internet advertisements being banded around by those low rung internet marketers attempting to create a headline… Understand that there is not  an inherent  way to simplyapply ‘techniques’  or ‘language patterns’ out of a can to enable you to seduce… Or manipulate… That is not what NLP ‘does’ — as those kinds of headlines insinuate.

In one of my books ‘The Hypnotic Salesman‘ gives a very wide range of strategies, techniques, language patterns and so on — yet, it is heavily discussed that you get your state right, your intentions good, and you be authentic, genuine and congruent… If you are the type of person that is drawn in by the allure of those headlines making promises to the darker side of you, know that you’ll find exponentially more success with people, language, influence and seduction by being virtuous, honest and with an underpinning good intention.