So after popping in at the end of last week and making massive changes to the way we run our online sales at Hypnosis For Download, I thought I’d get in the official blog entry to say that I am back from my holidays and rolling my sleeves up ready for a new academic year and also share with you a couple of photos from my holiday to prove that I did actually “down tools” for a couple of weeks…

Katie and I were in Tavira in Portugal, a beautiful traditional village with cobbled streets in the south of Portugal. It is yet to be ravaged by tourism despite it catering for tourists wonderfully well.

Here are Katie and I on the Roman bridge in the centre of the town one evening:

And here is the view from that bridge of the town by night:

Here is the town centre square one evening when they had live music on stage:

And people gathering for the show:

Of course, we ate and drank too much:

Eating out most nights:

And the town itself is beautiful, we especially loved the doors! :



And the pool at our villa was ideal for cooling off when one of the hottest Summers in Portugal’s history was taking its toll:

We loved Portugal, being able to fly from Bournemouth, the food, the people, the climate and everything else besides…
It was a slight shock to get back to the rain, but heck, my garden did not need any watering and I am back and raring to get my teeth into the coming weeks and months with some very exciting projects and ventures about to get underway.

The blog here will get back to all things hypnosis later on this week and if you did not read my previous blog entry about my Jerry Maguire moment at the end of last week, please do so… Especially if you search our store as a result… Some of my audio programmes are actually being given away for free now and many are the price of apps…