In the past week, I’ve posted a bunch of photos and film clips that have been recorded at my gym or when out running. It just so happened to be a testing week last week to see where I am at and how I have progressed in the last training block.

In January, I was really struggling with body weight exercises, especially my nemesis; the pull-up. With some discipline and application combined with brilliant programming and coaching from my coach Ian Wood at The Strength and Conditioning Centre in Bournemouth, I am much more comfortable with pull-ups and here’s the proof (good technique, eh?)…

First time ever testing my deadlift tlast week also. In contrast to my pull-ups, I know I need to work on my technique going forward, but am well chuffed with my 3 lifts at 190kg, 200kg and then 210kg (quite a big PB for me).

190 kg lift:

200 kg lift:

210 kg lift:

In addition to trying to lift a heavy a weight as I am able, you regular readers are also likely to know that I have been living to a vegan lifestyle (see my previous post on this blog) with varying degrees of strictness since Christmas last year, I have drunk virtually no alcoholic drinks, which have all helped me feel very healthy and I have been back doing a lot of running. My Instagram account is filled with pictures like this as a result…..

My aim is not to say that all people must use self-hypnosis, do weight lifting, and stop boozing…. not at all.

I have been my own experiment of one year upon year with regards to how I train and what sort of health regimen I work towards.

I have not wanted to become a really lean runner and try to transform my body for lightness suited to fast running this time out. Instead, I have wanted to become a strong runner, feeling safe and comfortable in my natural body size and capable of endurance running at a steady (albeit slower) pace.

I spend a lot of time on the beach where I live with my family in Summer

so I also wanted to feel good and confident when I take my shirt off and not have a Dad-bod! These are all personal preferences and ones that I have worked towards and with a great team of people, we’ve engineered my training accordingly.

Recommending everyone work towards their own goals in their own unique way – and get your mindset right, get the right people helping you, and ensure that you have lots of fun.

I love going to the gym that I attend. and have lots of friends there, we engage in lots of banter together, it gives me lots of great social connections.

I also love running alone at the beach where I live whereby I can think, reflect and be detached from people for a while and connect with the environment which in turn offers me some ‘spiritual sustenance’ (or call it what you will).

This gives me the most enjoyment from what I do and I am therefore massively motivated to engage in these activities; they are not usually a chore.

When they are, I have trained myself to get up and take action anyway (search this blog for articles on grit and self-discipline etc).

This is what has worked for me,

It is a recipe that has worked for me this year and fits with my lifestyle and with the other goal that I have that I want to share with you…..

This October I’ll be running all four Bournemouth marathon festival events one after the other, raising funds to improve the sports facilities at my children’s school.

On Saturday the 5th, I’ll be running in the 10km race and then the 5km race. Then on Sunday the 6th, I’ll be running the half marathon before being escorted back to the start line in time to run the full marathon.

I attempted this before and ran too hard and too fast in all the events and ended up exhausted and injured after 8 miles of the marathon and had to pull out, so I’m returning to properly complete the lot this time out.

I have another reason for doing it also….

Regular activity and movement is important for children at school for a wide number of reasons but importantly, it enhances physical and mental well-being in a number of ways. I’m fundraising for some sports facilities at my children’s school.

The outdoor sports facilities at my children’s primary school will be greatly improved as a result of some investment that will feature a sports pitch and running track that can be used all year round.

In addition to the cover photo on the sponsorship page linked below, I’ve included other images of how it will look given and authorised by the school headteacher.

Funding for school facilities can be sparse currently,

For sporting facilities in particular, yet the value of such facilities is incredible when you consider the benefits that will be enjoyed by the school children for years to come.

If you are based in or happen to be around Bournemouth and would like to join me for any of my early morning training runs each week, then get in touch. Likewise, if you’d like to join me to run in any of the races on the day, let me know, you’ll be very welcome indeed.

My children are going to be running in the children’s race on the Saturday afternoon too. We’ll be out in force!

I’m going to be speaking in an assembly at the school after the Summer, talking to the pupils about this event (and the mental resilience required for it) and we’ll be organising a competition for the children to design a running t-shirt logo for the t-shirt that I’ll be running in and that we’ll also be selling as part of our fundraising.

If you’d like to sponsor my efforts,

Please visit this Adam Eason MSJ Crowdfunding page, it includes some pictures of how the sports facilities will look when completed. Thank you!

I’ll be sharing some other fundraising initiatives in coming weeks which will require sponsorship rather than usual payment to invest in, keep your eyes peeled for those.

In the meantime…. Here are a bunch of the psychological tools I have used most often with my running training so far and that I will be using in coming weeks, go read these articles, they’ll help in a variety of health and fitness, not just for running in most cases.

a) In dealing with the elements here on the coast, I use this. Using Self-Hypnosis To Help Running Performance In Strong Winds.
b) There are plenty of hills here and hill sessions in my training, so this is essential. Using Self-Hypnosis To Become a Hill Running Machine! 
c) Because I am pretty heavy and muscular as a runner right now. Getting Lighter Legs When Running Using Self-Hypnosis.
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