Ok, so you are among the first to know…  
Myself, me, you remember who I am — Adam Eason — author of the Secrets of Self-Hypnosis and other hypnosis publications… Jon Chase, renowned stage hypnotist, trainer and author of the book Deeper and Deeper….
and Igor Ledochowski, multi author and creator of the phenomenon that is Conversational hypnosis… with the help of New Zealand’s rising hypnosis star Nathan
Thomas…  Are all recording a teleseminar behind closed doors… They are going to discuss, debate, figure out, share and enlighten together… All of which which will then be
recorded for you guys to listen to… Pretty exciting, eh?  Let me tell you some more about this league of extraordinary hypnotists…

We are purposely wanting to have a variety of ways and takes on the subject of hypnosis for listeners to benefit from… Some contrasting viewpoints… Differing methodologies, philosophies and technique… All with the aim of enriching the listener.  
As a result, we want your questions. What do you want to know more
about in the world of hypnosis? What issues do you want cleared up?
What topics would you like more than just my perspective on?  
Anything you want answered by a group of top-notch hypnotists with varying
responses, let me know and we’ll get it discussed and answered… Either add it to this thread, or send me a direct and personal message and it’ll get submitted…

We are recording at the beginning of December, the 1st to be precise… So you’ll be able to listen to it shortly after that… I look forward to hearing from you.