In this latest teleseminar and webcast, I am getting under the bonnet
and asking some incisive questions of Dr Silvia Hartmann… About her
recent work, the Genius Symbols.

Dr Hartmann defines what it means to be a true genius and proposes
that this is a basic human right, rather than an accident of birth. In
her paradigm shifting work, the result of nearly five decades of
research and testing, The Genius Symbols are going to be introduced.

Adam wants to find out and discuss how they can help you.

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In her work, Dr Hartmann identifies 23 unique symbols which form an
alphabet for conscious communication with the energy mind, allowing the
user to ask questions directly, receive answers, and refine these
answers further.

Instead of ‘just’ receiving information-rich data streams to mine
for business, innovation, art, creativity, success or pleasure, Dr
Hartmann’s Genius Symbols show the user how to enter into a direct
communication, to ask questions, receive answers, refine these answers
until a real ‘threshold shift’ occurs — a true “Aha!”, “Wow!”, or
“Eureka!” moment when the problem has been solved, the insight has been
gained, we have consciously understood.

We all know how much I like a Eureka moment or two, don’t we?  😉

Dr Hartmann states that the Genius symbols very literally open up
portals of true two-way communication in the human mind for the first
time in human history — to not just receive high quality visions like
Einstein or Tesla, but to do so at any time we choose, without having
to learn any extra or new skills, AND to refine these visions until
they are practically useful.

The Genius Symbols are said to be natural, intuitive, easily
understood, easily learned and you can start IMMEDIATELY, without
preparation, without having to enter special altered states of mind,
without any form of meditation, to have real visions of your own, in
answer to questions of your own… So you need to listen to this webcast,
don’t you?

Dr Hartmann says the Genius Symbols can be used for creating
breakthrough insights, new ideas, revolutionary inventions, and to
provide additional information and solutions for:

  • Business
  • Strategy
  • Personal Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Idea Generating
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • True Intelligence Enhancement

Take this opportunity to learn about system that claims to grow with
you, and that will help you unlock your mental powers, experience and
understanding so you can use your own mind in a whole new way.

Hear me ask the questions and Dr Hartmann explain much and discuss
much in what is sure to be a fun, engaging teleseminar and webcast. Sign up for free today!

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