Whilst setting up my brand new iPhone and transferring all my songs from iTunes to my new iPhone… It made me aware that much of my music is riddled with messages of lack consciousness and general undertones of unhappiness, disillusionment and dissatisfaction. We have been discussing this in the forum of my members area…

Well anyway, in the forum we have been discussing affirmations. In my own revised edition of Emil Coue’s ‘The Practice of Autosuggestion‘, the classic affirmation to deliver to yourself is given as “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” “Every day in every way…” is the form is the form that most people are likely to be most familiar with.

I recommend a structured method of self-hypnosis as per my books and audio programmes in preference to affirmations as I think it has more profound an effect. This is not my discussion for here today though…

Today, think about popular music and the fact that children, adults, heck — all of us humm unes and have words runnng through u minds at some poionts in our lives.

It is interesting that popular music has been mentioned here, because when listened to repeatedly, certain songs, their tunes and their embedded themes rattle around in our minds… especially the minds of the younger generation.  
How many kids are humming sentiments to themselves about being dissatisified in love, heartbroken, or delivering messages of seemingly unattainable ideals — that becomes their own internal dialogue for the day or longer?  
And don’t even get me started on some of the modern films…

Anyway, in this thread, one of our members wrote:

It’s an interesting paradox. There are songs I like also that have a wonderfully invigorating ‘sound’ but the lyrics have no useful meaning to me at best or are extremely negative.
Nonpoint’s Bullet With A Name is an example that comes immediately to mind. Awesome sound, non-benign sentiments.
Often these days I will find myself starting to sing a song with dubious lyrics and I’ll think, “No I’m not going to sing that” and I’ll substitute something deliberately cheerful like Singin’ in the Rain or that one that goes “I hear singing but there’s no one there …” (I Wonder Why?); or “I’m in the mood for love, simply because you’re near me …”. I used to sing those songs to my daughter every day when she was little and they still fill me with joy. Sometimes when I think of my wife, I burst into Night And Day or I Only Have Eyes For You. Winter Wonderland is another of my favourites (any time of the year!). I think I must sound like Pollyanna sometimes when I’m singing those ‘mushy’ songs.
Yes, I think it’s true that the songs we listen to become the songs we sing, if only in our heads, and they can affect what we believe. When we start to pay attention to our thoughts, we notice this, as you say.
Songs are a form of priming, aren’t they? And I guess most people don’t realise that.

Interesting stuff, eh?

Even further and upwards to another level with this… I used to find myself, as a teenager, even being influenced by the lifestyle (and life) of the people singing the depressing lyrics… Regardless of the tune.  
I am a huge fan of the beatnik poet movememnt and loved to read Jack Kerouac whilst listening to The Velvet Underground — man oh man — a double whammy!  
Lou Reed is one of the single most repulsive human beings on the earth according to many accounts I have read from his friends and family, yet he made stunningly beautiful ‘sounding’ music… However, with the years of reflection, I have found much of his message in those extremely beautiful melodies to be verging on poison.  
Sounds crazy I know.  
I still listen to my old Velvet Underground LPs… Yet I am very wary of humming the sentiments along to myself all day and lodging it in my mind constantly.  
Be sure to recognise malaffected youth reaching out for music that reinforces their disillusionment with life throughout the generations and you see this theme well articulated in real terms.

Maybe I am getting old… I am recognising myself beginning to sound like my Dad. (Gulp)