They say masturbation can cause insanity and blindness… Hmmm… I always thought the opposite was more likely to be true… NO, not insanity and blindness cause masturbation… ๐Ÿ˜‰
Rather, that no masturbation is more likely to cause insanity!

I wonder where that idea came from? Was it from the same people who attempt to make people feel guilty for doing so?

Anyway, since the imagination is quite obviously used a great deal in the process of masturbation and the brain is undoubtedly the largest sex organ we have, I think there is much self-hypnosis occurs around the subject… Let me explain, I have much more to get off my chest…

I recently saw this piece of research at LiveScience website… Which I guess was conducted by an early Victorian Catholic priest school master! It is entitled “Masturbation May Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer.” But the headline misrepresents the study being reported — and doesn’t even accurately summarise the content of the story… Why might that be? Is it influenced by a seeming inherent strange attitude towards the subject of masturbation?

In fact, with this study, all the researchers concluded was a preliminary suggestion of some remote correlation between frequency of masturbation among a few men in their 20s and higher occurrence of prostate cancer later in life. Correlation, not causation, I hasten to add!… Ok, enough with the big words today…

Logic would lead one to think that some men might masturbate more than others because they have a higher sex drive, which would likely be related to higher levels of testosterone and related hormones, no?

The science around the relation between male sex hormones and prostate cancer is unclear. A number of studies have found no relation at all, while others (like the study cited above) have found that higher levels of these hormones appear to indicate increased risk of developing prostate cancer later in life. There are many reports on these contradictory studies found all over the internet.

I even tracked down a piece of research whereby a team of Australian researchers, had found that men who had ejaculated more than five times per week between the ages of 20 and 50 were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

So the message being sent by the headline, that masturbation could cause cancer, may well be not only wrong, but destructive… Because it could be yet another reason for young men to fear masturbating and starting to become even more paranoid about it!

The paranoia and functioning of fear in the brain is some powerful self-hypnosis that can contribute to all kinds of unwanted thought processes potentially harmful to the individual as he embarks on his sexual life…

Well, anti-masturbation paranoia is nothing new. While the anti-masturbation frenzy has roots deep in Western history… There are teams of anti-masturbation people out there who continue to attempt to find medical support for the work of Simon André Tissot, who published A Treatise on the Disease Produced by Onanism in 1758… Hahahaha… Masturbation causes and is a disease according to this publication!

The people who read and believe in this stuff are surely the same people trying to ban swear words in the UK at the moment (as per my blog yesterday)… If these people do not masturbate and swear out loud soon (could actually work well in combination!), they might all start to spontaneously combust, grow extra limbs or worst of all… Keep bleeting on self-righteously to the rest of us happily swearing and masturbating!


A century later, in 1858, a highly respected British gynaecologist named Isaac Baker Brown (president of the Medical Society of London at the time), proposed that most womenโ€™s diseases were attributable to over-excitement of the nervous system, with the pudic nerve, which runs to the clitoris, being particularly culpable… You know what I am about to say next, don’t you? This is incredibly ridiculous, yet it went on within the official medical circles… 

Brown listed the eight stages of progressive disease triggered by masturbation: first comes hysteria, then spinal irritation, hysterical epilepsy, cataleptic fits, epileptic fits, idiocy, mania and finally, death…. 


Any women reading this? Are you now terrified?

… because that is what they want! I am getting paranoid myself now…

Baker Brown performed an unknown number of clitorectomies in his clinic (The London Surgical Home) before finally being disgraced and expelled from the London Obstetrical Society for irregularities in obtaining consent from his victims… Ahem… I mean, patients.

As is well documented, Baker Brown subsequently went insane… Was that because he masturbated too much himself, then? ๐Ÿ˜‰

From then on though, clitorectomy was promptly discredited in British medical circles… Phew… I can uncross my legs again and think of something else…

I will jsut add though, that the damage his work did still affected many official circles… As late as 1936 in the US, Holtโ€™s Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, a respected medical-school text, recommended surgical removal or cauterization of the clitoris as a cure for masturbation in girls!

The craziness around masturbation would be amusing if it hadn’t led to so much suffering… I bet that several people reading this right now are perhaps a tad uncomfortable or unable to discuss this subject matter intimately with friends or family, am I right?

I mean, did you know, for example, that Graham crackers were invented as a way to discourage boys from polishing their rockets? Bland foods were thought to dampen the flames of libido, so Graham and Kellog invented their nearly tasteless foods to help boys control their urges! 

It is like something from the brilliant spoof book ‘Road to Wellville‘… Yet when this stuff seaps unnecessarily into the lives of others, it can start them thinking that it is wrong to do so, and that it is harmful and do we really need that attitude towards ourselves or towards sex?

To end this week on a lighter note, and in keeping with yesterdays foul-mouthed theme… I want to leave you a humourous quote:

By TouRhett Butler
Frankly my dear, I don’t fucking give a bastard damn!”

I’ll be back to my usual, puritanical self next week, now I have all this out of my system… This is supposed to be a blog about hypnosis and personal development after all…