Irritating may be underplaying it a bit…

I write about lots of celebrities using hypnosis and advocating it’s use… Kerry Katona is apparently having hypnosis to stop smoking. However, Kerry Katona is one advocate that us in the hypnosis world could do without. Let me explain…

Kerry is pregnant with her fourth child which is due in June. Now this is the thing that irritates me… Apparently she “didn’t want to give up her beloved cigarettes.” According to this hypnosis article in the Daily Mail. What, what, what?!

Well, if she does not want to stop smoking, why on earth is the hypnotherapist agreeing to work with her? Hypnosis is not something that can simply wave a magic wand at people to do things they do not want to do.

According to many of the website and newspaper reports, Kerry was “Sick of having bad press about her smoking while pregnant, the ex-Atomic Kitten singer visited a hypnotist to beat her addiction. But before her session, Kerry couldn’t resist having one last cigarette.”

“I don’t want to stop smoking. I want a fag now,” she said. “I know I’m a good person, just because I smoke it doesn’t mean I’m a bad mother.”

She then said she was excited about her session but also sad about giving up her habit. “I’m going to miss my little friend,” she revealed.

Look at this — it is typical of many smokers… Associating friendship with a cigarette. The cigarette is something people use to lean on and help them through hard times. Yet, it does not really help at all, does it?

At the appointment with hypnotist Marisa Peer, Kerry spoke about her addiction. “The least I smoke is five a day and the most, if I’m depressed, is 20,” she said.

What? So smoking helps alleviate depression? Maybe I should start dealing out cigarettes to my clients when they are depressed or finding difficulty being happy.

You can see though that smoking gets into many different layers of life and needs a positive, concerted effort to truly let go of it and get a healthier habit pattern established. With Kerry Katona, her smoking habit is obviously deeply entrenched and as such, I think it warrants her taking more responsibility.

After being hypnotised, Kerry then admitted she still wanted to smoke. “I could happily have a cigarette but I won’t because I don’t need one,” she said on her fly-on-the-wall show Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love.

“I’m now a non-smoker.”

But the day after the session, Kerry revealed she still craved nicotine. “The hypnotist thing I don’t know if it’s working,” she confessed.

And while listening to her hypnotherapy tape at home, kerry couldn’t take it in. “I’m bored now,” she admitted.

So she is really getting into it and supporting the entire proces then?

You see, what Kerry Katona is promoting is this notion that she is not taking responsibility for stopping her smoking habit. She and her partner Mark Croft openly admit that she is doing it to stop the bad press. She is not doing it for herself, in fact, she does not even want to stop smoking in reality. How can the process be successful, she does not value the hypnosis or respect the process and I expect she’ll be back smoking before we know it… Though I do hope I am wrong.

Your attitude toward any change you are making has a hypnotic effect upon you and as such, I always aim to install that sense of responsibility in all my clients and those that invest in my books or audio programmes.

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