This is the 6th day of my current intensive hypnotherapy tuition module and the students are really coming on marvellously.

Today, they have been inducing hypnosis in a number of different and challenging ways and I spoke about doing things without a formal induction process.

Instead, I suggested that some of them simply attempt to pace the person they were with, have the intention for them to be hypnotised, then sit, take a deep breath and get eye contact with some quiet moments.

Then when they feel ready, close their own eyes and expect the other person to follow suit and you can then open your eyes and begin deepening n whatever way you feel fits.

Eye contact is sometimes unnerving. It is sometimes uncomfortable. It is sometimes all kinds of other things too, but it tends to have the other person creating dialogue in their mind, focusing within themselves and starting to get receptive, especially when they know you are a hypnotist and/or this is a hypnosis session of some kind.

I think the simplicity of modelling how to be hypnotised in front of a client; adopting the position, behaving as if you are in hypnosis and getting eye contact can be a great way of inducing hypnosis without having to do a great deal of complicated other things.

If you have rapport, if you are congruent, and you have the right intention, and the client is expecting it to happen at some point, then it does not have to be more complicated than that. Many of the students here this week have found it eye-opening to model eye-closing processes and pacing in such a way that they lead the client into hypnosis.

Ok, I may be able to sign in tomorrow, otherwise I’ll be back blogging in earnest as of next week when I am back in my office.