I am a bit partied out with reality TV… I have championed many facets of them int he past, but am losing my mojo for them and need a break before the next series of Britain’s Got Talent to rejuvenate and regain my interest… So the last ever series of Celebrity Big Brother is passing me by and I have attempted to avoid my wife’s favourite Dancing On Ice.

She loves the dancing, the grace, the performance, the style and is purely entertained by the dancing rather than the element of who goes and who stays as a result of the public vote….

Ice Skating

The only episode of Dancng On Ice I’ve ever watched in full with my wife, was this weekend when the much maligned ex-wife of national treasure, former Beatle Paul McCartney – Heather Mills – took to the ice… If I am to be brutally honest, the only reason I watched was to see her fall down.

It is the potential jeopardy that is so hypnotically alluring for me.

The most compelling piece of media I experienced this week was ex-premierhip footballer, now playing in the Championship league for my arch rivals Derby County, Robbie Savage being interviewed by local radio commentator Colin Gibson… Savage went to town on him, took him to task and had a massive live argument on the radio… It was a joy to listen to for me, for all the wrong reasons.

My favourite parts of the reality shows such as the X-Factor and Britains Got Talent are when the wannabes take to the stage and they think they are brilliant, yet they turn out to be awful and you need to cover your face with the cushion for a few moments in case it gets any more cringe-worthy and you need to disconnect from it.

It is the jeopardy that reels so many of us in… We are not bad people, are we? The potential of what could happen, how people are reacting and responding engages our imaginations… The edginess of it all keeps us engaged and connected and that is some hypnotic effect.

Just a short blog today then… I have a very busy day…