So whilst sitting down to write about hypnotherapy and hypnosis related stuff this morning, I find that the internet is covering stories left, right and centre with the field of hypnosis and has hypnotherapy providing the reader with a different angle on many of these important news items… I am doing my best not to write with too much sarcasm and irony, it is a new week after all, I’ll keep it restrained!

Firstly, the Sun is reporting that Kate Moss, following her recent parading on the cat walk with a fag hanging out of her mouth, is actually seeking the help of a hypnotherapist to help her stop smoking and enhance her chances of having a baby with her fiancé. Maybe the next time she is on the cat walk, she’ll be fashionably swinging a watch in front of her own eyes to advocate the use of hypnosis instead of being such a cigarette wielding cool rebel…

Then, Charlottte Eagar writes in the Daily Mail about using hypnotherapy to reduce her weight with Lilly Allen’s hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn – she does always get quoted as being Lilly Allen’s hypnotherapist, not just any hypnotherapist – but the author of the article experienced progressive change as a result of the sessions, and she also paid for the sessions. Many journalists expect free sessions for writing these kinds of articles and as a result don’t value what they do. I thought this was a great article and publicity for the field.

Next, in the Telegraph, while documenting what happened to the Maxwell family, it transpires that Robert Maxwell’s daughter Anne, works as a hypnotherapist now, under a different name, good for her!

Though finally, a ‘former TV psychic’ Martin Smith, a man recently jailed and found guilty of paedophile offences, is being quoted as having used hypnosis to commit his crimes.  I have no idea how the hypnosis is supposed to have been used, but it is used so vaguely in this article at the Daily Mirror that it adds a sinister feel to how hypnosis can be used. Shame.

I’ll be back writing tomorrow, about something more in depth, but thought I’d share this media ‘fervour’  with you to start off the week.