Shortly, I shall be heading off out into the relative cold to run for 20 miles as my training schedule starts getting into the serious stuff in preparation for my first marathon of the year at London in less than 3 months time.

Then I am driving to Devon for a trainng weekend, so time is short this morning and I have less of it than usual to invest in my blog.

Before I am drowned out with boo’s from all you adoring regular readers now desparing and wondering how you’ll get by, I thought we’d give ou the chance to have some free hypnosis goodies today.

This week, keith and i took a very cheesy photograph of me giving a ‘thumbs up’ whilst also pointing upwards… I am poiting at the ‘Like’ button on my facebook fanpage, which you can go and take a look at here:

Hypnosis Revealed Facebook Fan Page

If you click on that button, you’ll get a full on confidence boosting hypnosis programme with a couple of mind blowing hypnosis tracks for you to enjoy, using uniquely composed music, evocative language, a bunch of clever suggestion delivery techniques and plenty of other things too…

My gift to you today, all absolutely free.

That’s it today, I am outta here, have a fabulous weekend, I’ll be back on Monday.