Ok, so it is Friday and I want to have some hypnotic fun…

Yesterday I was catching up my pal Elliott Wald and we were having a think about a few things, he was getting philosophical… And he posed me this very interesting and fun question that I need some help answering…

Elliott said:

A star has five points, so to become a star you must follow five points, I have four below, still seeking what the fifth could be?


Perhaps you might ask on your blog and see what suggestions are put forward for the fifth, or maybe someone will have five different points to become a star….

Hmmm… How do you interpret what a star is? What 5 key points do you think you need to have to be a star?

So, to add a little bit of spice to this, I’ll send a gift on (a really good gift!) to the best addition to this thread here in the next 24 hours, how about that? 🙂  I know you don’t need to be bribed to contribute now, do you? I thought I’d like to reward your efforts and thoughts today, heck I am feeling like giving!

To be a bit of a smarty pants, I have arranged my five points so that the first letters spell out STTAR — I must check that one in the dictionary… You do not have to do the same, though you might want to explain your five points in more depth.

Thick skin
Ambition (Or I may have put Ability — I think that was covered by skill)
Real Drive

I am sure you’ll agree, mine are a bit lame… So come on, lets have some Friday fun and creativity, shall we?