I am back in the office after taking the afternoon off yesterday. This month of March has been very unusual and will stand out in my life reflections, I am sure.

I became a Father and have written about that here and will continue to do so in a professional capacity…. My business partner and friend, Keith Watson had a kidney and tumour removed and is still recuperating… I ran the first tuition block (9 days) of this year’s intensive hypnotherapy diploma… And having committed to charity and the public to complete my spring marathons, the mileage got ramped up to its peak with my training…. Plus, keeping my business running and spending time with my family, keeping in touch with friends and finding time to write, research and everything else that I attempt to do…. It has had an air of endurance about it this month!

Anyway, here is a picture of this year’s lovely Intensive hypnotherapy class:

March 2013 has also thoroughly been enjoyable, rewarding as well as trying at times.

None of it would have been possible without the ongoing support of my friends and family. Those people all know who they are and will continue to be an important part of my life. However, before this blog returns to business as usual with hypnosis related topics, I wanted to mention a couple of people without whom, things would have been very difficult for me indeed this past month.

A most hearty thanks and massive hug goes out to Jill Harrington (aka ‘Lady Harrington’) and Lindsay Shepherd (aka ‘Award Nominated Business Woman’) who have not just stepped in and run a full weekend module of my monthly diploma (with the very valuable and much appreciated input of Gareth Morgan and Steve Baxter too, and the important continued assistance of Helen Johnstone), but also ran two mornings on my intensive diploma, took the reins for my hypnotherapy peer support group evening and have been an ongoing source of support for me and the school here.

Jill and Lindsay are going to be offering the full and accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) just as I run it, in Birmingham in 2014 – in a wonderful new format and signalling exciting developments for the school here. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have them involved with the school here in any shape or form as they blaze trails with their own work out there in the world, but even more lucky to consider them friends.

A big kiss and heartfelt thanks to you lovely guys… 🙂

This hypnosis blog will be firing on all cylinders again tomorrow.