I am actually running my Hypnotherapy Diploma course this weekend, so this is just a fleeting blog entry…

As most of you know, each month, I host a free teleseminar that you can call in to or listen to live online… Each month, the upcoming teleseminar is displayed on this page of my website… If you register, you’ll get automatically updated about who’s coming up, what we have in store and so on… You’ll see that we have this month’s details available here as we prepare for next week….

We are going to be covering a wide array of subjects and I am delighted to introduce authors and stars from the all over the world from the varying fields of personal development… And am hoping to attract and persuade lots of my favouite people to get involved… Subjects include hypnotic writing, law of attraction, self-hypnosis, stage hypnosis, persuasion & influence and much more besides.

Take a look, come join the fun 🙂

Have a great weekend!