I have no idea why people would do it… That is, being displayed so intimately, so publicly… Yes indeed, I am talking about reality TV shows.

Blimey, watching Big Brother makes people go through a roller coaster of opinions about each individual in there… Every nuance is exposed and translated by others and you get cheered or booed accordingly… I can’t understand it.  

Celebrity Love Island here in the UK had a very problematic effect upon one of the women in the show… Former Atomic Kitten band member, Liz McClarnon, has openly stated that her incredibly humiliating experiences on that show led her to hypnosis….

In this article in the Daily Mail recently, Liz talks of her experience on Celebrity Love Island and how she was completely devastated by the humiliating weigh-ins competing with Rebecca Loos and Lady Isabella Hervey.  At the article page you can see the photos of McClarnon all covered up next to other competitors!

Here is what the article states:

As Atomic Kitten’s curvy blonde bombshell it seemed that Liz McClarnon wasn’t short of confidence.

But her participation in reality show Celebrity Love Island told a different story.

Competitive weigh-ins with fellow stars left the 27-year-old humiliated and self-conscious alongside the rakish frames of fellow islanders Lady Isabella Hervey and Rebecca Loos.

‘I was uncomfortable the whole time and hunched my shoulders to hide my body.’ Liz told Now magazine. ‘When I got home and saw the pictures, I knew I had to do something.

‘It wasn’t just my weight that bothered me, but my lack of confidence. I didn’t want to be that hunched, shy girl.’

Oh, how a lack of confidence and self-esteem can affect so many other aspects of our lives, eh? And we tend to expect that musical performers would be brimming with confidence…

Delighted to see that the hypnosis has helped so wonderfully. Being in reality TV shows might bring the reality of life into the fore, but at what price and for how much value?

Such a notion has not stopped me watching them.