Not a huge blog entry today… Just a little bit of something fun from my weekend teaching my hypnotherapy diploma. It was a heavy with content type of weekend – learning the milton model and meta model and I wanted to intersperse things with some upbeat fun hypnotic skills… One such thing being to teach the drop hypnosis induction (you can watch me doing in full right here).

Just watching 30 people in a room doing this is marvellous entertainment and we had a lot of fun, many of my students have been practicing on friends and family since… Anyway, when we start learning such a technique, we have our colleagues help each other with the holding while they are being dropped into hypnosis… One of the helpers did not move out of the way in time and the gent being hypnotised ended up perfectly balanced on our helpers foot…

Yes indeed, here is the photographic evidence of one man taking another into hypnosis, the other man basking in hypnosis, lying beautifully and calmly on our helpers foot. We had such a laugh afterwards.

Foot cushioned hypnosis!

I’m thinking the chaps could have coined this ‘foot cushion hypnosis induction’ and really made it their own… I am still smiling… Got some truly fabulous people on this hypnotherapy training diploma and these three are just wonderful!  Thank you chaps 🙂