So here I am, all lined up ready to watch the beginning of a new era… The England football team is under new management in Fabio Capello… A seemingly brilliant hypnotist!

He has dropped David Beckham, told the team to eat together and not leave the table until they have all finished, he has laid out his rules to all the players and expects them to be met and you know what? … I like it…

I have resisited mentioning it all week… The England rugby team losing to Wales last weekend after having a commanding lead at half-time. Now in therapy, I help many of my clients let go of unpleasant memories from their minds, and stop the negative influence they may have upon them, however, Wales rugby international Duncan Jones has no need of such intervention.

The Ospreys prop has already erased mental pictures of the torrid 80 minutes the Welsh forwards endured when they faced Scotland almost exactly a year ago.

Wales secured just 30 per cent of the possession that day; they had six of their 20 line-out pilfered, their scrum was unstable and not one Welsh forward finished in the top six ball-carriers.

In an interview I read with Jones he says:

”I can’t remember how the scrums went,”

Off the top of my head, I think Scotland did manage to disrupt our set-piece, scrum and line-out, and it’s always difficult to play from there.

”But last year has gone and this is a new game, a new challenge.

”What happened is by the by now.

Welcome to the mindset of a professional sportsman who is performing better than ever despite the type of loss that many sportsmen fail to recover from. Jones has found positives that he uses to improve future performance, negatives are hurried away at all costs.

This was very much at the expense of the England Rugby team last weekend, who should have remained dominant and commanding following a highly successful World Cup campaign last year… I was gutted.

So onto the England football team and boy, has ever a nation wanted success… Fabio Capello has done everything I would expect a good hypnotherapist to do — he has created expectation and set some desired outcomes, he has started the process of helping the team forget the past failures which are still at the forefront of the fans minds… I hope he can instill a Duncan Jones-type positive mindset in our highly paid football stars and gel together these players to perform at international level.

Let’s see what result we get — He is not guaranteeing a result from one single session (that is — one match) and believes in developing over a good period of time… This is my hypnotherapy ideal… I like Fabio Capello, he is a great hypnotist and I hope he turns out to be a great hypnotherapist who turned around the fortunes and levels of achievement from the national football team… I hope I am not eating my words tomorrow… I am off to my TV hoping to be hypnotised, dazzled and cheering at some stage this evening…