Opinion seems divided in the field of hypnotherapy with reagrd to this initiative, and though it may not appear perfect, I think it is beneficial for the field to have high set standards to adhere to, which is what is central here… And it is a move forward for the field of hypnotherapy.

Here is a press release from The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council on the new ‘CNHC Register of Hypnotherapists’ to be opened from 1st December 2010; that’s today!  I have been asked to bring it to the attention of my students past and present and regular readers.

Press release:

Hypnotherapists can apply to register with the UK regulator for complementary healthcare for the first time from Wednesday December 1 2010. This means that members of the public will be able to search the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) register for hypnotherapists who meet national occupational standards.

Hypnotherapy attempts to address an individual’s subconscious mind using the power of suggestion for beneficial change. It can be used to help a range of conditions including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and smoking cessation.

Maggie Dunn, Chief Executive of the CNHC, said: “Members of the public will soon be able to search the CNHC register for hypnotherapists who are properly trained, qualified and insured. Registration with the CNHC demonstrates that practitioners have met national standards and abide by a rigorous code of conduct, giving confidence to the public.

“We are delighted to open the register to hypnotherapists at a time when increasing numbers of the public are searching the CNHC Register for complementary practitioners. More than 40,000 searches have been made already this year. The Department of Health has also recently urged GPs to recommend to their patients that they use CNHC registered practitioners.”

Jenny Gordon, Chair of the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum, said: “We are very pleased that the CNHC register is now open to hypnotherapists. This is an important step in further improving public safety and we look forward to hypnotherapists registering.”

Hypnotherapy is the eleventh discipline to join the CNHC Register since it opened in January 2009. The other disciplines are Alexander Technique teaching, aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, massage therapy, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, reflexology, shiatsu, sports & remedial therapy and yoga therapy.

As of 1 December 2010 hypnotherapists will be able to apply to register with CNHC. The verification process takes a few weeks so the first hypnotherapists will appear on the register towards the end of the month.

Registration is currently voluntary. The CNHC will open the register to additional disciplines in the coming year.

Visit the CNHC website for a list of registered therapies and practitioners. (www.cnhc.org.uk)

For more information about CNHC: Please contact Janet Rafferty, 07912 295282, email Janet.Rafferty@cnhc.org.uk