Some of you know, some of you may not be as aware, my wife and I are soon to be adopting children. Throughout the process of assessment and matching, we have been struck down by the conditions and treatment that some children have to endure prior to being placed in care, and so all my ongoing charity fundraising for the foreseeable future is with the amazing children’s charities that help these children find homes and get the protection they require.

In addition to running 3 marathons in a row early next year, I have organised a one-off, one day fundraising seminar that is going to be incredibly useful to any hypnosis professional. it is on Wednesday the 8th of May 2013.

We have a limited number of spaces due to the nature of the seminar and the firewalk event and the space we have for it all.

Please note, that in order to register for this event, you have to visit my charity page and sponsor me £67.00 first. You can only register for this event upon successful completion of that sponsorship. This event is exceptional value and the hotel have granted us use of the facilities to support this event, and Jill and I are both being paid nothing whilst investing a great deal of time and effort.

Visit: and sponsor today, then add your name to the numbers. Let me know once your sponsorship has gone through and I’ll confirm your place with us on this day.

The seminar will see Jill Harrington teach half a day on counselling skills for hypnotherapists and I will teach about hypnotherapy for children before we round things off with a firewalk. Here is the event described in detail:

Wednesday the 8th of May, 2013 – Charity Hypnotherapy Extravaganza

9.30am – 1pm: Introduction to Counselling For Hypnotherapists: 

Your Tutor: Jill Harrington. 

Jill Harrington is a professional counsellor/psychotherapist in Private Practice.

Her training was Integrative which means that she utilizes different theoretical approaches rather than a “one size fits all” approach to clients. Due to an interest in Alternative therapies and Holistic working, she is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Auricular Acupuncturist.

She is experienced in a wide range of issues e.g. Addictions, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.

Clients include: Individuals, Couples, Groups, Organizations and EAPs.
Jill is an Open University Mentor; works with Dorset Safeguarding children investigations and assists teaching with the Adam Eason School of Hypnotherapy.

Presentation: Introduction to Counselling for Hypnotherapists.

This workshop will provide a brief overview of the history, theory and practice of counseling, and how you can use counselling skills to enhance your practice as a hypnotherapist.

The workshop is aimed at those with little or no previous experience of counselling.

3 ½ hrs workshop-
Introduction-Learning outcomes.
• Brief history and different approaches. (Person Centered/ Psychodynamic/ TA/ CBT, etc)
• Working ethically-Boundaries/ ethics/ supervision/ structure/ referrals.
• Introduction to Counselling Skills- Relationship and rapport / empathy not sympathy/ questioning styles / use of silence.
• Integration with other therapies (Hypnotherapy/ Auricular Acupuncture)
Ending- Review learning outcomes- feedback.
Presentation: Mixture of Interactive discussion; Power point; Flip chart; handouts.

Visit: and sponsor today, then add your name to the numbers. Let me know once your sponsorship has gone through and I’ll confirm your place with us on this day.

2pm – 5.30pm: Hypnosis For Children – Evidence Based Workshop

Your Tutor: Adam Eason 

(there is not a paragraph of bio here for me as I am guessing if you read my blog, you know a bit about me. Though you can always visit the about adam Eason page on this website if you want to know more)

In this presentation, Adam will be teaching the following:

– The Evidence for using hypnosis with Children.
– Citation of a number of key studies to make sure your work in this niche is supported with empirical evidence.
– Main differences in approaches with adults, children and adolescents.
– A wide range of interventions for varying conditions treating child and adolescent issues.
– A contextual framework to work with most indicated child and adolescent issues.

You will receive:

– Scripted versions of standardised treatments.
– Hypnosis scripts for specific interventions.

This is a chance to get a depth of knowledge in a very specific niche and gain access to a very different type of client. This seminar will be laden with specialist knowledge.

Visit: and sponsor today, then add your name to the numbers. Let me know once your sponsorship has gone through and I’ll confirm your place with us on this day.

Following these two presentation in this day long seminar, you are invited to join myself and your colleagues for:

Evening Firewalking Event: 

Just around the corner from the Days Hotel, we head into the countryside for some daring, some personal development and some focus of the highest order: The Firewalk!

Come and learn how to walk on the glowing embers and coals. Here is our schedule:

7-7.30pm: Meet and greet, lighting of the fire.

7.30pm Explanation of variety of approaches and strategies for walking on the coals.

8pm: Mental preparation.

8.30pm Walking the coals.

8.31pm: Whooping with delight.

8.32pm: Having another go and trying to workout why you cannot shift that smile from your face.

9pm onwards: Drinks and celebrations in quiet, neighbouring pub.

To get one of the limited places on this day of training and fun, all you have to do is visit my sponsorship page that is newly erected. Sponsor the charity £67.00 and then add yourself to the numbers here on the Hub.

It is an awesome day we have planned. WIth the sponsorship in place you can come to all of these events or just the tuition day, or just the firewalk, you get to decide.

In addition to the value we are offering and the training you’ll receive, you’ll also know that by attending you are helping children in the UK to have better lives and receive protection – I have seen it first hand and it is truly needed.

Visit: and come and join us for what promises to be a remarkable day.

WIth your place confirmed, I’ll email you confirmation and details straight away, then in April 2013 you’ll receive full instructions on every aspect of this one-off event.