If you are a hypnotherapist, or any kind of therapist, then this is absolutely for you today…

I’ll cut to the chase today… I am hoping to thrive this year. I am going to make sure that this year is even better than our record breaking year we had last year.

And you know what? The truth is, in order for that to happen, other people need to thrive too. Ideally, you are one of those other people.

So if you are a therapist of any kind that is interested in developing your business, I have one heck of a deal for you today.

I would like to invite you to join Keith (my business partner) and I for a 15 minute webinar next Thursday, the 27th January 2011 at 7pm. As a reward for investing that meagre 15 minutes we are going to give you, absolutely free, an entire series of webinars that we recorded to help a group of hypnotherapists market themselves online.

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now by clicking on this link.

Just for listening in to this call, we’ll then let you have the 12 recordings (well over 12 hours of material) that cover these subjects:

–         How to set the tone of your website.

–          How to market your personality.

–          How to use online social marketing effectively.

–          How to build a list of loyal followers.

–          How to deliver an ezine.

–          How to use a blog to massive effect.

–          How to use free tools available online.

–          How to create and sell audio programmes online to generate passive income.

–          A lot more too.

These webinars come with accompanying presentations that show you how to do all the things we suggest and recommend. It is enough material to get your online

In the 15 minutes of your time that you invest in listening to us, we are going to talk about something we are involved in with our own online development. We are then going to give you the opportunity to join us with it. That’s it.

Like I said, I want you to thrive and succeed. It was Vidal Sasoon who said those words “if you look good, we all look good” so this is my way of doing what I can to help as many of us thrive as therapists – with an effective online presence.

We currently have the busiest website for any hypnotherapist in the UK – we want to help a bunch of other therapists develep their business in that same fashion.

So at around 6.45pm next Thursday, get yourself a cup or glass of something, get comfy and sat down nicely at your pc. The in time for a 7pm start, tune in and listen to what we are talking about. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions anonymously about anything we talk about and we’ll answer them there and then.

Like I said, we plan to take for no more than 15 minutes. For listening in to those 15 minutes of your life, we’ll send you on the full series of webinars free of charge for you to use and apply that knowledge in developing your own online presence.

Ok, thanks for reading, get on this call… I mean, really get your arse on to this call, because for 15 minutes of your time, this is an unrivalled amount of free stuff that you’ll benefit massively from having. I look forward to speaking to you then.

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now by clicking on this link.

Have a fabulous weekend