With the supposed end of Spring and beginning of Summer, certain people beginning sniffing, sneezing and generally slobbering as  result of hay-fever or some other seasonal

Let’s get something straight here — allergies are your body making a mistake.

Yessirree, they are reacting like you have something life-threatening going on, yet there is nothing life threatening about pollen or ther seemingly life-destroying allergic irritants.

Anyway, I read an interesting article in the Canadian journal ‘Province’ and they write about several alternative ways to alleviate your allergy, which they refer to as Allergy Weapons — I like it! They state:

Take a mind trip: Picture yourself breathing easily on a snowy mountain.

People who learn enough simple self-hypnosis to do this (takes a couple of hours) can see real improvements in hay-fever symptoms. It takes practice (about a year), but it’s free — and it knocks down your stress levels, too.

Now, I think there are better ways and far more developed thorough ways to use self-hypnosis and hypnotic procedures (my homepage has an offer for just a thing!), however, it is great to see it making it’s way into journals as a good alternative.

Ok, my website guru and business partner Keith Watson has gone and got me on the way to doing much more internet stuff, so I am now off to twitter, twhirl, igoogle and do much more besides… Wish me luck!