Todays blog entry is just a brief request on behalf of a graduate of my Hypnotherapy Training school, Bunny Besley who is conducting some research using hypnosis and is looking for volunteers to help her with it.

The project will require you to take part in 4 sessions, involving 2 sessions of hypnosis at Bunny’s practice in Verwood on the edge of Bournemouth and 2 recall sessions which can be either at her premises or at a location to suit you. The hypnosis sessions will take approximately 1.5 hours and the recall sessions about 15 minutes. The recall sessions need to be 1 day after each hypnosis session and the last session will include a debrief when the research can be explained in more detail and you will be able to ask any questions you may have had about the procedure.

The active hypnosis induction will require you to use a cross training machine for a brief period of time. This is designed to increase the hormones levels involved in activity and will not be above a very mild level, at which you feel comfortable. The time spent on the machine is controlled by you and is not a test of your physical fitness or stamina. Please therefore be advised that it’ll be best to wear comfortable clothes and trainers.

Whilst in hypnosis you will be asked to learn and memorise a short two way dialogue.

You’ll get confidentiality forms and an informed consent form to fill out to protect you throughout and I hope you can help. If so, get in touch with me and I’ll put you directly in touch with Bunny – someone who I really respect and appreciate for the work she is doing in this field.

Hope to hear from you.