Many of you may well avoid watching this video; I mean, for many the very notion of ‘routine’ being is not necessarily the sexiest or most inspiring of topics.

When I suggest to my clients or students that they establish a daily routine, or even a number of daily routines for different aspects of their day, they often start to think of a strict day with no room for fun, down time, playfulness or spontaneity. I could not live without those things in my life. You see, as I get older, I recognise more than ever that there are so many benefits of having a solid daily routine, and that is what I am speaking about in this video.

I cover how routines create momentum and ensure you get more done. I show how routines enhance mental health, give you more time for yourself, and forge better habits. Enjoy this video….

In this video, I mentioned that I recommend you read a handful of articles to help you with some of the topics I covered, here are links to those articles:

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e) How to Find Time to Exercise When You Have a Busy Life.

When you examine the routines and daily habits of some of the greatest and most influential people to have walked the planet, you tend to notice some common themes that we can all adopt ourselves to enhance our experience of life.

Enjoy establishing some effective routines in your life today.


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