I don’t usually put my ezine articles here on the blog, but so many people have been asking me about this stuff, I thought I’d share this week’s Adam up here on my hypnosis blog too….

This week has been sort of a write-off for me in a number of ways, but primarily because I had man-flu. For the second time in the past 4 weeks. I had a fever, I had headaches, I had a blocked nose, my muscles ached for a few days, I got burning hot and then freezing cold…. So I finally took a day off and spent it in bed. I went ahead and mentioned this on our Social Media outlets just in case anyone was trying to get hold of me.

Then something that happens a lot, happened again…. I get messages, Facebook posts and tweets….. “If you work in the field of hypnotherapy, why don’t you use hypnosis on yourself?

Here’s the thing, I certainly do use hypnosis on myself – every day. Not just for helping me with my health when needed, but aiding with my studies, my research, my multi-marathon running and ultra marathon running training, being effective within my business, dealing with stress, getting to sleep and many other such applications.

Howevuuurrr…… The applications of self-hypnosis that I write about extensively here, that feature in my books, audio programmes, on my blog and the extensive research within my PhD studies are yet to show me anything that makes anybody wholly immune to every kind of illness, especially those brought home frequently by two young children from pre-school!

Even more than that though, the cure to the common cold and the flu virus, still eludes medical science. In fact, derivations of the flu virus evolve each year which can render some of our flu shots impotent too. So to expect a hypnotherapist to be able to cure him or herself using self-hypnosis is probably a bit unrealistic, isn’t it?

It does not end there though. I have been a dinner parties, in my classrooms, at restaurants, at events of all kinds and people have punctuated the conversation with a sentence aimed at me: “Oh, I bet you don’t have to worry about that, do you?”

This is the sentence that comes after a discussion about stress, anxiety, worry, depression, lethargy, procrastination, bad habits and so on and on….. That is, that because hypnotherapists help people deal with these issues, they are somehow immune to them, they are impervious to the detrimental effects of any aspect of life. It’s crazy to think that. Again, it is downright unrealistic.

My point this week, is that the same way that being a hypnotherapist does not make us psychologically perfect and impenetrable against all of life’s stressors, it also does not make us immune to the common cold or flu, but I do use it to help along the way as much as is possible and useful.

This attitude towards hypnotherapists does show that people believe hypnosis is powerful, but also shows an ongoing level of misunderstanding.

Anyway, i just said that I do use hypnosis to help myself along the way, so what can we use self-hypnosis for? Well, if not to cure, then we can use it to speed up recovery, or effect our perception of our symptoms, and in turn increase our level of comfort when we are poorly.

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The other we definitely can do is improve our immune functioning, and we have much evidence to support that…. So you could be preventative and do your best to overcome illness before it occurs:

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If any of you have currently been suffering as I have, then I hope you get well soon and find some comfort using the processes I have shared here. And the rest of you, I’ll be back, fighting fit, next week….


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