Ok, so perhaps you actually believe that you made a conscious decision to read today’s blog entry… Yes? 

When in actuality, your brain made the decision to do so a long while before you knew about it… Let me explain…

In a study published cited in this article on the Wired website, researchers using very fancy and modern brain scanners could predict the decisions people would make seven seconds before the test subjects were even aware of making them.

Interesting, eh?

The decision that they were making (in the piece of research) was whether to hit a button with their left or right hand, which is not exactly a complicated choice in the same ball park as those that we make day in day out in our lives…

However, the findings raise some deep and fascinating discussions about the nature of self and autonomy: Do we have totally free will? Is the notion of having a conscious choice actually an illusion?

Usually this is a discussion for philosophers and has been for centuries. I think it is a real sign of the times we live in that science is starting to illuminate some of those questions too. 

Just a short blog entry today… Got a crazy busy day on the cards… Back tomorrow.