Each and every day, I make time to have some fun. Not just laughing and joking, but actually doing something I enjoy and find fun. I am lucky that I actually find most of my work to be fun, but I also like to ensure I do things each day that are not my work that are fun and ideally self-indulgent.

“What do you do to make sure that you have time for some fun in your life?”

i ask clients, friends and colleagues this most days. To be honest, very few ever actually convince me with their answers… they do answer, because they want to politely respond to the answer and not get caught out by such a question… And a vast many do say that the TV is a source of fun… But what do you actually do that is fun? And not just on the weekends…

In this life, it simply is not enough to have the absence of bad feelings… So much of our personal development and self-improvement processes seem to be fixed on just letting go of unwanted stuff, which is all well and good and there is certainly space for that stuff.

However, we need to have more good stuff on board… So today I am recommending that you do something to have some mindless fun. Though ti does not have to be mindless, it can be mindful fun if that is your thing.

When I write about fun, I am not writing about what you think you ought to find fun, or think others would find fun…I do not find it fun to do stuff that certain others do. Just because someone else finds something fun, it does not mean that you should.

Are your leisure pursuits things you do for your own genuine sense of fun, or are they fulfilling what you think you should be doing, somehow feel obliged to do, or that someone else (friend or family member) thinks is fun?

One of the best ways to really ascertain what you find fun is to think about what you found to be fun when you were 10 years old? It is likely to need some adaptation for your adult life of course.

I loved playing football at that age and today, I love running, this is fun for me. I used to find it fun to help my Dad in the garden, and today I love spending time in my own garden. I used to love writing a journal and performing plays for my parents, and today I find writing my blog each day fun… When Carl Jung was 40 years old, he started playing with blocks because he found that fun as a child, and I have to say, when my nieces and nephews come to visit, I love playing with them using the building blocks… My eldest niece and I almost always build houses out of stickle bricks when we see each other, and I find it as much fun as her!

Today, I have a largely office-bound day, catching up with emails and making calls and so on, despite be supposed to be having some time away from the office right now! … So to brighten and liven things up, I shall be punctuating my day with some dance-breaks.

Yes, some periods of a couple of minutes whereby I am going to go mental to all different kinds of music, and really dance knowing that no-one is watching. It makes me laugh my arse off and get incredibly energised.I shall be moving in ways that I would never do usually.

That’s right. A hidden camera would be able to sell some majorly hilarious footage. I am going to look and feel more free than Tim Booth on stage at a James concert. James are one of my favourite ever bands and I just love the way Tim dances on stage, having seen him live in action on many occasions, it is hard to explain without a clip, and they are hard to come across…

[youtubevideo id=”3tBU_QJ_hJc”]

Choose to do something that you find satisfying, and fun and enjoyable and choose to do it today. You owe it to yourself.