I am offering up my excuses first of all today… With this week starting with a Bank Holiday, we are incredibly busy here, I have been away for parts of last month and am away studying this weekend, this beloved blog of mine has been neglected this week. So I am promising to be back in my usual active blogging fashion next week.

Anyhow, Keith and I have recently been having a bit of fun with Carl Harvey and Julian Freeman, the guys behind ‘Stars of Wellbeing’ and we have been filming for a couple of exciting upcoming projects that I’ll be mentioning here soon.

However, a little while back when we first all met here at the seaside, we recorded a couple of bits, while I had a crazy shirt on and we put a challenge together that saw me giving away for free my audio programme The Wealth Wizard.

We have just (yesterday) offered the same challenge and free audio programme again and if you fancy something to give you a psychological boost when it comes to your wealth and productivity, then pootle your way along to the following page and grab your free audio to use in conjunction with a challenge we are laying out. There are even prizes! Visit this page to get involved:


Go join in the fun.

For those of you that follow my blog less for personal development and more for professional hypnosis reasons, you may well be interested to know that I can now offer the entire back catalogue of episodes of the evidence based hypnosis podcast here on this page of the website too:


Many of you kept on saying that you really enjoyed the podcast, but iTunes or your podcast provider only kept the 10 most recent episodes and you wanted to hear the previous episodes too. Now you can do that and every episode recorded to date is now accessible on the podcast page on this site for you to enjoy.(Scroll down the above mentioned page)

Have a wonderful weekend, the blog will be back and in action again as of Monday, see you then.