It tends to be a common theme in some quarters of the hypnotherapy profession, that multi million dollar pharmaceutical companies and massive corporations are out to get us hypnotherapists. In fact, they are the ones stopping hypnotherapy from being the first and foremost health care option of every single human being on the planet.

I mean, if only these companies would stop with their consistent propaganda, everyone would see that hypnotherapy can cure everything and anything!

(For those of you not tuned in to my heightened sense of irony, please note the above sentence was the lowest form of wit… Sarcasm)

Hypnotherapists! Know your limits.

We can’t cure everything. The reason that we are not first choice for certain psychological and psychiatric disorders is nothing to do with huge pharmaceutical companies trying to dumb us down, it is because there are proven methods that are better and more efficacious in treating it. Plain and simple.

Now here is a rather alien thought… Maybe one of the reasons we fail to break in to more conventional health care, is because the efforts of those attempting to bring hypnotherapy into the credible line, are often thwarted by you paranoid folks who keep suggesting we can cure cancer with past life regression… (Please note, I was offering up another low form of wit there by exaggerating and attempting to make the paranoia possé look even sillier than they do already).

Ok, how about another alien thought? Maybe if work together with doctors and medical agencies and continue to expose them to the actual empirical research supporting the right applications of hypnotherapy in dealing with certain issues, you know, communicating like grown-ups rather than teenagers who think we should all wear foil on our heads to stop the aliens and government from reading our minds, then perhaps we’ll find ourselves progressing much more smoothly, no?

Anyhow, I am not able to invest more time in my blog today as I am about to start day 6 of my intensive hypnotherapy training diploma (although for these guys it is actually their 15th day of training with me) and just to porve that I am not a total stick in the mud, here is a picture of the current beautiful view from my training room this morning:

There you go, I am smiling… Be back soon folks 🙂