I am entered into next year’s London marathon already. For a variety of reasons, I am running for a charity that deals with matters very close to my heart and I will be promoting my charity efforts towards the end of the year and rattling the collection tin under your noses then.

Though I am running London again, for the third year in a row, and aiming for a better time each year, I thought I’d let you know what the slogan on the back of my running vest will say this year:

1 Goal.
2 Brothers.
3 Marathons

Let me explain – the one goal is to raise as much money for this charity as I possibly can, and I wanted to do something more than just run a marathon which I have done before and though it is no mean feat, takes a lot of training and dedication, I wanted to encourage people to really give to my charity. So my brother and I are going to run three marathons on three consecutive Sundays next April.

We run Brighton marathon on the 15th April, London marathon on the 22nd April and then the brand new Milton Keynes marathon on the 29th of April.

Later this year I am competing in two marathon competitions as part of my ongoing training and I’ll be competing in a couple of other big events too (including the Great South Run in Portsmouth) but I wanted to extend my previous invite that I made earlier this year…

If you want to run London marathon this year, I want to help you. I’ll show you how to apply for a place and then how to train to achieve something that is on so many people’s ‘bucket list.’ As well as setting you up with the training schedule and plan, I’ll be hosting monthly calls to motivate, inspire and educate and giving ideas on how to use your mind to help your body run the challenging 26.2 miles.

If you fancy this, get in touch with me and I’ll explain how to join me and our small brigade of intrepid runners for this.

I’ll be back tomorrow…