Soooo… Same time next year, then?

Christmas is over with for another year. Whilst I am in the office catching up and preparing for the new year ahead, i thought I’d share a couple of the pics on my phone from the festive season…

With Christmas Day landing on a Saturday, this Monday and Tuesday just gone were Bank Holidays here in the UK and as a result, it gave us all more opportunity to eat drink and be merry.

Having travelled to family on Christmas Day, we then hosted a party on Monday for friends and family and my voice has still not quite recovered from all the singing I did on Singstar late that night!

Along with lots of my favourite Chateauxneuf Du paps wine, plenty of Warres Port, we managed to empty this in the process:

My trip to Ringwood Brewery on Christmas Eve is always a great part of the festivities. Picking up the barrel of real ale and bringing it home is one of the tastes of Christmas in our house! Needless to say, I wore my Christmas jumper throughout the festivities:

It cannot be worn without an inane cheesy grin.

We managed to give away lots of my homemade sweet tomato chutney, put in jars in August from the fruit of the garden. Katie made them look pretty. I got lots of great feedback on it when we laid it out with the cold cuts and cheeses on Boxing Day:

Christmas Eve, we hang out with friends each year for drinks and nibbles (including my legendary snowballs using Cava and Advocaat)  – my friend dressed up as Father Christmas to deliver the presents to his house and I have never seen more excited children (we do refer to him as Farmer Christmas due to him talking with a West Country accent when dressed up):

So much else to go on about, isn’t it a marvellous time of year? Now I just need to get out there and do plenty more running to get rid of all the excesses from my waistline… I have a marathon and an Ironman competition comng up in the next 6 months!

Right then, back to work, lots to catch up on… This blog will start resembling a hypnosis and hypnotherapy blog again some time soon…