Oh yes, it is that time of year again… Where we are bombarded with ideas and notions of romance, love and red love hearts. We are encouraged to send flowers, cards and spend money and so on… I have to say that I am a sucker for Valentine’s day. I know many disagree with it and have heard so many arguments for and against what it is and what is stands for and the commercialisation of the notion of love and romance.

This year, I am taking my wife to a stunning hotel in the Hampshire countryside, in the name of Valentine’s day… And I had a special Valentines edition of my ezine this week and I thought I’d share that with you today too… All geared towards love and romance and I am going to combine a number of techniques I have learned over the years to enhance how we go about falling in love.

Before I got married, I read a book by Paul McKenna that I loved it was entitled “How to Mend A Broken Heart” and had some ideas very similar to those I am sharing here today.

This technique today aims to show just how easy it really is to advance and enhance your own feelings of love and affection toward your loved one and to build upon and develop your levels of intimacy with that person.

Steps To Use Self-Hypnosis To Fall In Love:

Prior to starting this session, think about the special person that is going to be the focus of this session (your partner or someone you wish to be closer to) and write a list of all the feelings you’d like to have toward this person. Then, once you have done that, move on to step one.

Step One: Just ensuring that you are in a comfortable position where you are going to be undisturbed for a while, with your eyes comfortably closed, your arms and legs uncrossed and just focusing on your breathing.

Really notice your breath, just observe it so that you are not interfering with it. Do this for a few moments, just watching it happening. Then start to breathe in a rather unusual way.

As you inhale deeply and slowly, imagine that you are breathing through your body, imagine that beginning at your feet, you breathe in and upwards through every pore of your body, all the way up to the top of your head. Feel relaxed throughout your entire body as you breathe out through each pore right down to your toes.

Just enjoy this body breathing process for a couple of minutes and imagine drifting deeper inside your mind and creating a good receptive state.

You can of course use any other technique or strategy to develop a receptive mindset. Or you can go and read my book on self-hypnosis and learn how to really get good at this process.

Inhale upwards through your body, through every pore, feeling that breath move up the entire length of your body… Then exhale downwards from the top of your head, down through your neck, your shoulders, your arms, every pore, your chest, your abdomen, your hips, your legs, your feet.

Once you have spent enough time doing this, move on to the next step.

Step Two: In this receptive state, start to consider that person you chose immediately prior to starting step one.

As you think of them, begin to remember those things that you listed too… just considering these feelings can sometimes start you feeling them with ease.

many conventional methods of dealing with relationships is to work on the relationship dynamics in the hope that the feelings will return and develop and grow… Here we are doing it the opposite way around… We are generating the feelings first.

Step Three: Now we are going to focus on the loving state itself.

Imagine that somewhere about your body (maybe the tummy, or your heart areas) you are creating an internal state of love… Like you are cooking it up ready to dispense!

What helps you generate more of the feelings of love? maybe you imagine images that make you feel love? maybe you have sounds that when you hear them make you feel more loving? maybe you know of and recall genuine feelings that you have had before and can start to add all these things to that state that you are developing within you.
As you build more of that feeling, start to think about that person again and imagine sprinkling these feelings all over the images in your mind of that person. Start to associate those feelings with that person as much as you can. This step needs adequate time spending on it.

If you have already been together with that person for a number of years, you might have started doing that thing where you easily pick fault in them and the way they are. if so, start imagining these good new feelings overpower those last remnants of old thoughts and perceptions.

Step Four: Now you can start to enhance your loving state and develop it even more by imagining future experiences… Maybe where you are spending loving time together and you have a wonderful intimacy and depth to your relationship.

When you have those images in your mind, start to engage more of your senses with the images, add sounds, feelings and make the images more vivid and colourful. Truly imagine having the feeling of love flowing throughout your being. Once you have developed enough of that, enough that you know it is rally compelling, then move on to the next step.

Step Five: Now we want to create a strong and easy access to this feeling. So when you really have that state and those images firmly fixed in your mind and you have generated a strong felt-sense, then imagine that persons face and write their name above it in your mind in whatever colour and font you prefer.

When I think of my wife, I have lots of pink sparkly stuff going on… She is like that…

Step Six: Repeat steps 2-5 a few times to get it all lodged in your mind and then you are going to test that your mind had got this.

take a couple of seconds to open your eyes, look at your toes and wiggle them, then relax again with your eyes closed.

Then bring that image of that persons face up, see the name written and notice how those feelings all return with ease. You have created an easy access to those feelings with that imagery in your mind.

if for whatever reason, you are not entirely satisfied with the results, then run through the earlier steps again until you reinforce that ability to access those feelings at will.

Step Seven: Once you are sure that you have the desired effect developed in your mind, open your eyes and think about how you can now use this, go about your life…

Step Eight: Each time you enter a communication with this person, imagine their face and their name in your mind and access all those amazing feelings, let it colour your communication with that person and influence your behaviour with them.

When writing cards, making plans and living life start to access those feelings and let it influence you like the first time you fell in love with that person.

Cool, eh?

This sort of behaviour is the process that most people go through when they first fall in love… be careful, because it can be the way people get infatuated. So if you suspect the other person is manipulative and maybe not as keen on the relationship as you, it may not be a good idea to use this process with that person.

Have a fabulous Valentines experience this year and help yourself fall in love again with that special person.