Most of my regular readers know what self-hypnosis is…. Today, I’m writing about how to use it to do something a little bit different… automatic writing.

Hand Writing

When we talk about automatic writing, we are talking about a kind of channelling, and I know that conjures up all sorts of notions and ideas which are a bit off track with what we’ll actually be doing… Essentially, we are allowing information to come through our hand from our own higher self… Or as I prefer to refer to it, our unconscious mind. And we do so using self-hypnosis.

As with so many things in life… Practice makes perfect… Or rather, practice enhances this process greatly. At first you may not get the results you are after. Heck, when I did this with a group of my students for the first time a wee while back, we mostly got scrawls from those who were doing it for the first time… At first it may be hard to fully understand the process even… Though you’ll soon realise just how easy this process is.

One thing that is going to enhance the effectiveness of this process, is being able to set aside the part of you that intellectualises… You know what I mean, that analytical tendency that we all seem to have in western cultures… So that you let things happen naturally without too much conscious involvement. That is the reason that self-hypnosis is used so perfectly here.

With automatic writing you can access that vast array of stuff (wisdom, information, etc) that is there within that vast data processing system that is your mind and tap into a lifetime of experience and knowledge that resides in your unconscious mind. All of which is often largely untapped!

The process today simply involves you entering a trance state… A state of hypnosis…. A hypnotic state… A state that I encourage you to spend more time in…

So to get yourself into a trance state, I recommend you go and read my book on self-hypnosis… However, because it is so key to what we are doing today, here is an old article of mine offering 10 steps to easily hypnotise yourself … Then we’ll get back to the process of automatic writing… I’m good to you, aren’t I?

Hypnotise Yourself Right Now!

Ok? So if you are not a seasoned self-hypnotist, be sure to practice that technique… Or use the hypnosis session I give away free on this website to practice getting into a trance state… So let’s get back on to Automatic Writing, shall we?

One of the most well known people to use automatic writing is Ruth Montgomery. She comes from a very analytical background as a reporter. It was in her search for information on what channelling was all about that she connected with Lilly, her guide, and a group of twelve other spirits from the other side that communicated with her on a daily basis. You would be surprised at the number of people that have written books, music, scientific formulas, etc. using automatic writing as the technique to obtain their information.

Now then… Those of you that just started wondering if I had gone spiritual and am about to start discussing angels, doing reiki, and talking about my aura… Not to worry… Whether or not those things are things I believe in is not important… I prefer not to think of this in terms of guides giving the information – but that we are tapping into the information from our unconscious mind using self-hypnosis as our vehicle for doing so… From a very real source of wisdom deep inside us… However, if you want to think that guides are controlling your hand, then that is fine.

People who automatically write often say that they feel more grounded, stable, and in charge of there lives. Note that your unconscious mind may not always give you all the answers. You’ll get assistance and perspective or perhaps certain things highlighted… It is unlikely to attempt to run your life.

Essentially, you are the one who makes use of the words of wisdom to amplify and clarify your own direction. You just need to get your own thoughts out of the way and become receptive to a higher guidance from yourself… Even more than just intuition and instinct, here you are asking that instinctive and intuitive part of you to directly communicate with you… Using words!

When you begin a hypnosis induced writing session, make sure it is at a time when you are going to be undisturbed for fifteen to twenty minutes or so, minimum. It is important that you pay attention during a session and are not unnecessarily distracted.

Your unconscious mind won’t demand that you to do something. Your mind may keep telling you the same thing over and over; trying to nudge you in a certain direction, but you can enjoy the fact that repetition is hypnotic, repetition is hypnotic… 😉

My students reading this are certain to be fed up of me saying that!

Some of you will experience your hand taking off immediately…. Not quite like a plane… Just connecting and getting busy… I have done sessions of this where my client just started writing like crazy straight away… Yet they found it difficult to articulate verbally before.

Other people may be making circles and it might seem like nothing is coming through…. So you have to be patient…. You regular readers are highly evolved individuals and so I know that I did not really need to say that, did I?

If you’re just getting circles but receiving strong mental messages, then go ahead and write them down. Sometimes when you write it down it will lead you into full automatic writing.

5 Steps to Automatic Writing Using Self-Hypnosis

Step One: Write the date at the top of your paper. have the pen or pencil in your had ready and be seated in a balanced, comfortable position for writing (i.e. No crossed limbs).

Step Two: Have a clear idea about what you want information on or what your outcome is for this session.

Be clear (i.e. Unambiguous) about asking your own unconscious mind to give you the information you seek.

Step Three: Either use the self-hypnosis technique in the link I gave earlier, use your own self-hypnosis technique (maybe gleaned from my book on Self-Hypnosis)  or whatever technique works best for you to put yourself into a trance state… Get a nice receptive state of self-hypnosis going on and deepen the state accordingly.

Step Four: Allow your eyes to open slightly while holding your pen or pencil with a nicely, loose and limp wrist. Let your mind communicate through your pen or pencil… And write from the unconscious depths of your mind… it might be a word, several words… Do not force it, let it happen at it’s own pace and in it’s own way.

Surrender control of your writing hand over to your unconscious mind… Like I said, do your best not to involve yourself consciously in the process.

Now as you begin the writing, hold your eyes slightly open as you stare blankly at the paper. You keep your pen moving at all times. Then write until you are satisfied that enough has been written for this session.

Step Five: At the end of the session, thank yourself and your mind for communicating with you in this way.

Bring yourself out of self-hypnosis by counting from 1-5 and opening your eyes. Or whatever method of safely exiting self-hypnosis is good for you.

That is the process…

So there you have it… Enough to get yourself up and running and using self-hypnosis for automatic writing. Explore all you can with this… Enjoy it, have fun with it and see what you can discover about yourself and your life…

Have a fabulous weekend, I’ll be back next week.