Apparently, there are amoeba on Saturn that are aware of all the latest gossip surrounding the passing of Michael jackson… And you may be fed up with more and more snippets and tidbits of that media frenzy… However, several of my professional peers have been pointing out this interview with Mr Uri Geller… Whose professional career seems to be purely about commenting on Michael Jackson these days…

Here is the interview, conducted by Michael Jackson’s good pal, Martin Bashir:

In this article on the Channel Four news website, the interview is transcribed, in it Uri Geller states:

When I hypnotised Jackson I asked, “Did you ever touch a child in an inappropriate manner?”

“”No, I would never do that,” he replied.

“I questioned him further – I asked, “Michael, why then did you pay Jody Chandler millions of dollars?” and he said to me “I couldn’t take it any more, I had had enough.”

“It was my own personal validation that the man was innocent,”

Now come on Uri… I admire all your great work in raising the public awareness on the important subject of spoon-bending, but you are creating a couple of mis-apprehensions here…

Hypnosis is not permissable in court in most countries now because it simply cannot be used to extract truth. People in hypnosis are still capable of staying whatever they want. That is why it is not useable in legal processes in most countries these days… In fact, as I blogged about a few weeks ago, many people that had hypnosis used in their convictions are now having convictions overturned as a result!

Anyway, Uri trades off this notion that he was being ‘unethical’ by asking Michael Jackson these questions in a ‘deep trance’ by then telling us his findings… Oh Uri, you are so naughty, unethically asking him questions in hypnosis, you naughty, naughty man, wielding your powers in that way…


Why is that unethical? … You did not have some sort of ‘access all areas’ pass to secret chambers in his brain by using hypnosis! Hypnosis cannot be used in this supposed ‘unethical’ manner and it is thinking that sort of thing that gives hypnosis a bad name… That and getting it associated with the world of spoon-bending!

Excuse  my extensive use of sarcasm and irony in today’s blog entry… 😉