So before I go into today’s blog entry in full, let me offer my hearty and warm congratulations to the Pakistan cricket team who won the twenty20 World Cup yesterday at Lords… What’s more, part of their preparations included having hypnosis, I wrote about it here a couple of weeks back… The hypnotherapist who worked with them was in touch with me yesterday…

Congratulations to you Max Basri and the team… I am delighted that the only team to prepare using hypnosis won the world cup!

Ok onto today… so we have been discussing it for a few days now in my members area… The Obama fly-swatting incident…

If you have not seen the clip, here it is:

[youtubevideo id=”ORZ00OyKp0I”]

The video shows President Obama’s confrontation with a rather persistent fly last week. I think the incident demonstrates much about the leader of the free world, let me explain:

1. It shows how the US president uses humour to avoid confrontation. I think we can all tell, this is no hate-crime… President Obama is not a “fly hater” of any kind, is he?

Let’s be honest, he’s not standing toe-to-toe with the fly saying “come on then, you want some?” Is he? He actually does his best to ignore the fly at first. He brushes it off and ‘shoos’ the fly in the same friendly manner as my Grandmother used to do… With a gentle smile he says, “Hey, get out of here.”

2. The fly must have read some self-help guide telling it that persistence is key… Because the fly persists despite the friendly requests to step down… The fly perhaps even sees this as a sign of weakness, heck, so many people behave the same when someone attempts friendly resolve, don’t they?

Not on your nelly, this fly intends to buzz around some more and getinto the face of the President some more. This just serves to cause more irritation that serves no one well… Instead it justย  reminds us all of the death, decay, and defecation on which the fly species feed. Up until now, we had ignored that unpleasant fact.

With all the efforts to create peaceful co-existence now used up, President Obama gets into a state of intense focus, momentarily oblivious to all else while he stares at the fly, yet keeping still and silent in a way not too dissimilar to a Bhuddist monk… Yet that is where the similarities end, because the stillness invites the fly to let its guard down, and it lands and relaxes (obviously tired from its endeavours). When it does this, President Obama, stings like a bee, strikes like a cobra, lashes out with quick, deadly steel-like swatting. Sealing the fate of the fly.

3. The moment of intolerance over with… With that same, gentle, Grand-motherly-like smile and a little laugh, he moves back on to the issues at hand and the interview, and he politely asks, “Now, where were we?

I am no fly psychologist, but flies all over the globe, take heed of this… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whilst reading this article detailing what this event could really mean here in the New York Times, I had to giggle at what actor Jeff Goldblum, of ‘The Fly’ fame, dryly commented in defence of these insects:

โ€œAll they want is to be loved and to feed on our waste,โ€


What a funny episode, getting so much attention across the world.

Maybe this was a subtle sign, that President Obama is about to stop politely saying ‘shoo’ to things and is about to unleash some ruthless swatting on the world… Hopefully swatting the global recession and maybe even popping over to the UK to swat some MPs….