There are many, many people writing about this today, and celebrating it too…  When we hear so many downers poured on conventional family values and the breakdown of the conventional family, combined with so much high profile infidelity, this poll makes for some lovely reading in my opinion… According to a very recent CBS News poll, 90% of married people said they would marry their spouse again!

Happy Marriage
The physical, emotional and mental health benefits associated with being married are clear to anyone who’s experienced a successful bond. Indeed, a happy couple is a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. If you’ve never been married or if you found yourself mismatched then, of course, you may not know. It would now seem that the notion of ‘happily ever after’ is alive and well…

CBS news interviewed a random sample of 868 subjects nationwide from January 29th to the 31st of 2010. The results are remarkable and maybe unexpected to some.

When asked: “Would you marry your spouse again?” a full 90% said they would. Only 9% said they would not. Going back to 1995, 93% said Yes and 6% said No.

Looking at the poll more closely, 95% of men said they would remarry their wives while 85% of wives said they would remarry their husbands.

There was also some variance based on finances. The poll was conducted int he US, so these figures are in dollars. Of couples making more than $50K, 95% would remarry their mate while only 83% of those making less than that would do the same. But even here, 83% is still a significant proportion.

In fact, when asked what was important to a relationship, neither money nor sex was listed as a major factor. Respect came in at 49% and Trust got a 37% rating. One in ten couples said that a Sense of Humour was most important to a successful relationship.

What about the idea of Love at First Sight? Roughly half the subjects felt it was indeed possible…with men slightly more inclined to believe in the legitimacy of spotting your life-mate across a crowded room on some enchanted evening.

Love is thriving… I am certainly delighted myself to enjoy the wonders of a happy marriage.

Ok, I am off now… Busy day rounded off with dinner with Sophie Nicholls, who is speaking at my hypnotherapist peer supervision group tonight… Can’t wait.