So basically, I am plugging today… Excuse my lack of recent decent posts… Things are manic here and will return to usual very soon, promise.

You’ll notice from my homepage that as of today we are offering a wide range of stand alone hypnosis sessions — the first 9 are available and are based on techniques I have shared in Adam Up editions — as requested by my regular readers. Please go have a look, we are virtually giving them away at the moment…

The second plug is in the guise of a letter that I was sent today by a fellow hypnotist and I rather liked his approach and so I am plugging him and his campaign and supporting the message because I like it… Well, the campaign is great marketing and here is what he wrote to me, go see the website:


Nicotine Replacement Therapy fails 94% at one-year follow-up.  The Department of Health have known this since 2006 but have buried the original report by Glasgow University (commissioned by the DoH) and tried to fudge the figures. View all the evidence at

Meanwhile both the NHS and the DoH have been publishing ‘success rates’ of up to 90%, which is completely bogus, and bears no relation to the actual outcomes.  Since this is taxpayers’ money, and they should not be grossly misleading the public about these results, I have launched a campaign to raise public awareness about the truth.

I am also refuting the usual medical description of hypnotherapy and acupuncture as “unproven” methods. Smokers are being fed misinformation which is affecting their choices — upon which their lives may depend.

I am not asking anyone to join this campaign, or sign up to anything.  If you look at the campaign website — then find you generally agree with the spirit of the campaign — if you wish to, you can help to spread the word in any way that might help.  That can be done fairly anonymously, without anyone sticking their neck out like I’m doing, because I understand that most therapists would not want to do that, even if they are quite happy for me to state these things boldly.  Personally I have decided to go directly on the attack, because smokers are dying in huge numbers annually, the medical authorities are lying, the drug companies are making a killing, and it’s time the killing stopped.

It is also high time that hypnotherapy was generally known to be the most effective quitting method!

Best regards,
Chris Holmes