This tune is the reason I love watching the skiing and winter Olympics so much… I can remember when I was young, when we were gearing up to our annual family ski holiday, my Dad would have us watch those guys flying down the mountains, we’d love to watch the scenery too… On Ski Sunday, BBC’s weekly ski programme… Which had this fabulous theme tune.

When we were on our ski holidays, with that delightfully cold, fresh, clean air filling your lungs with it’s distinct flavour filling your senses, I’d be flying down the slopes humming this track to myself inside my head… Just hearing it now delivers all those sensations once again… What a hypnotic sensation… I can’t wait to go skiing again soon. For now, the Winter Olympic TV coverage is providing me with some respite from the yearning to be in those mountains.

Nothing more to blog today… Got a crazy busy day and need to get a long run in somewhere in the schedule… I’ll be listening to this track here though while putting some miles in the bank!