Well this is a rare blog entry. Usually I write about techniques and strategies and hypnosis and self-hypnosis and all that stuff… Today, I am promoting my latest book.

The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence Based Way To Hypnotise Yourself is now available on Amazon and I am launching it officially today!

As a result, for my regular readers and those that follow my work, I’d like to make it really worth your while to do so. Though heck, I think the book is an incredibly useful one to have on your bookshelf due to the content!

For the next 48 hours, if you invest in a copy of my book from Amazon, I’ll give you three free hypnosis tracks which I believe enhance the learnings you’ll derive from the book. We’ll give you the following three tracks because they build upon skills you’ll learn in the book and help advance your skills:

1. The Hypnotic Massage – To help develop your relaxation skills (You can read about it here)

2. Using Cognitions to Enhance Mood – To help develop your progressive cognition development skills which are showcased greatly in the book (You can read about it here)

3. Stop Catastrophising – To help you with intelligent thought disputation (You can read about it here)

4. Amplify Anything in your Brain – A classic skill to really take control of your physiology by using your thoughts (You can read about that here)

Hang on a minute, you said we’d get three tracks and you just wrote about four??

Ok, I’ll give you all four – because they will help you develop the skills demonstrated in the book; and it is often good to have some guided hypnosis to help develop self-hypnosis skills, as you’ll learn about in the book.

However, if you buy TWO copies of the book in the next 48 hours (you can give one as a gift for Christmas, for example), I’ll give you those four individual audio tracks AND the full, complete Science of Self-Hypnosis audio and video programme too! All 41 volumes of the audio programme, with accompanying video footage of me teaching this material in class – a massive and comprehensive resource unlike any other available in the world, with all of it’s bonuses as explained on the web page for the product – all for the price of two books.

You can read about the audio and video programme here.

This is a crazy offer that expires in 48 hours time (10am on Wednesday the 4th of December). This offer will not be available again after that time. If you email me at 11am on Wednesday asking for the freebies because you are only an hour late, I am sorry, it will be too late.

All you have to do is follow these steps to take me up on this offer:

1. Go to Amazon and buy one or two copies of the book.

For the UK you can go straight here.
In the US, you can go straight here.
It is available in other countries on Amazon too (Germany, Spain, France etc).

2. Email your sales receipt to Keith Watson, do that from the contact us page at this website (in the type of enquiry section, use the ‘Enquiries about your order’ option) or you can contact us via our help desk.

3. We’ll send you on your audio items before Amazon have posted the book(s) out.

If you are on Twitter or Facebook, you could help even further by tweeting this page or sharing it on Facebook so that as many people as possible can take us up on this offer…. And heck, the more brilliantly skilled self-hypnotists there are, the better the world is going to be, right?

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the book and take us up on this offer.

I’ll be back blogging about hypnosis and self-hypnosis as usual very soon…