Today I read this TV review for an episode of UK detective series that is showing in Australia; Dalziel and Pascoe.

It is rather typical of something that gets me frothing at the mouth from time to time. Let me quote part of the review:

“Richard E. Grant guest stars as Lee Knight, a creepy celebrity hypnotist who seems to have powers from another plane and becomes the main suspect. Even gruff, grumpy cynic detective superintendent Andy Dalziel (Warren Clarke) can’t escape the power of the hypnotist.”

Now, why oh why do hypnotists still get portrayed in this magical, mystical, mysterious way? Hmm?

Why do we not have — “Tonights episode features Dave the plumber, whose manner with a spanner enchants all who invite him to unblock their u-bend!” ?

These days us hypnotists are regular tradesmen, people offering a service to all — each town has loads of them. Check this out, how the review continues:

“Demons, spells, ritualistic sex, magic circles, symbols painted in blood, grimoires and corpses dissected with a chainsaw … British mystery crime series seldom get as dark — or as gruesome — as this. Definitely not for the squeamish.”

Hahaha… It is like hypnosis is part of the voodoo world… And I bet some Voodoo users are probably going to get on my case now for giving them a negative slant in the same way I have whinged about the slant hypnosis is given…

It is like, I still see it, headline after headline in crappy local newspapers all around the world with that clichéd headline “You are getting sleepy…”

No-one says that! Hypnotists do not say that. You do not get sleepy. Sleep is not hypnosis.

Maybe we need people to think of hypnosis as intriguing, maybe that is where the hypnosis begins… Paul McKenna used to call his stage show “The Mysterious Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna” and Derren Brown’s stage shows and TV series are shrouded in mystery, intrigue and an element of darkness.

So maybe I just talked myself out of it… Maybe we need to have a certain element of that, yet it remains a fallacy and a facade in my book…

Oh well, I am off to don my velvet cloak…