Today is one of those blog entries that is really nothing to do with hypnosis, therapy, self-hypnosis or personal development specifically… But it is about my work. If you can really call it work when you enjoy it as much as I do. In the past couple of weeks, I have been so focused on getting things done, that I forgot to smell the roses, literally. I had courses to plan for and deliver, I had new projects to get finished, I had marathon training to get underway, I had events to get organised, emails to send out, other courses to prepare for… All stuff that meant I put myself under some pressure to complete, and added stress to my day-to-day existence.

As I sit here typing this, I look out over my garden and get to look at some of the flowers I have grown from seed, my geraniums in their pots for example:

The towering foxgloves that I nurse through winter:


(And yes, I know my Spring blooming Rhodeddendrum needs pricking out)

My delphiniums, of which I potted one beside my office door beside my old whiskey barrel converted into a water butt: 

And the daisies that are planted at the foot of one of our fruit trees:

It is quiet and lovely, my office door is wide open and as I type, I am filled with a sense of well-being. This is me, taking time out to smell the roses. Cliché one for today’s blog.

Last Monday, following my five day training course, I took most of the day off and spent it with my son. We went to the beach, ran into the water and sprinted out again, we built sand castles, we threw spades, we said hello to dogs and their walkers, we waved at the land train and ate snacks covered in sand. We then went to the flying club at Bournemouth airport, watched the planes landing and taking off while drinking milkshakes and then Katie joined us for dinner out. The sun shone and we had a lovely time.

When we got to sit down at home for the odd rest, we both built a camp out of the playroom sofa cushions:

… and then someone proceeded to be a very typical little boy and put his fingers in all the places they should not be and play with all the things he should not touch….



I think today I wanted to have one of those reflective moments that John Lennon emphasised as being so important…. “Life’s what happens while you’re busy making other plans” – Cliché two for today’s blog. I asked Keith to rattle me up a quick graphic to use so that I could add it here (and use on Pinterest!), the words are used a great deal and are well known, but feel very true to me today.

I think when I set out to set up my own business, I was doing it because I had dreams of commercial success, a desire to help do some good in the world, and be in control of my own life. Much of which is relevant today, but has a different flavour to it.

Today, I realise that whilst I worry from time to time about my ever-increasing workload and demands for my time, whilst I engage in demanding projects, whilst I deal with challenging situations that self-employment presents, that actually the benefits of being able to see my son growing up, being able to enjoy my garden, see my darling wife more often and work to my own schedule with my only pressures being those applied by myself and my bank manager… Heck, that’s being alive, right? That is the good life, that is something else.

My work may not be making me billions of pounds, but I chose it, designed it and absolutely crafted it. I love it and I guess you don’t mind working hard and putting some pressure on yourself when it is your own choice, your own chosen path and the rewards for your own efforts are what pays your mortgage and permits you to watch your son growing up as closely as I am right now.

Maybe things are not perfect, I doubt that is really attainable, but sometimes, it feels pretty close… That is all I wanted to say today.

Ok, I have a new audio programme to finish putting together and some chapters of my latest book to complete… Better stop smelling the roses and get back on with it…