In the midst of some very, very challenging things to be dealt with personally and professionally just recently, I realised just how much I take for granted on a daily basis from close friends, family and colleagues.

So many little things are done in my business, in my private life and within so many of my close relationships that I rarely take proper time to appreciate… Things that make life what it is… Do you ever consider how truly wonderful it is to be appreciated? it can have a seemingly hypnotic effect that sweeps through your life. 

Let me explain…

If, for example, you notice that there is some negativity within a relationship you have… Experiment with this rather unusual notion… Use uncommon gratitude.

What does that mean? You simply thank that person for small things that you may well usually take for granted… Then watch what happens and watch the seemingly hypnosis-inducing effects of such behaviour.

For example, how about thanking your spoouse for putting the rubbish out, doing the shopping, unloading the dishwasher, for preparing dinner, and for how they make you feel when you see them first thing in the morning or when you arrive home from work…

What I think you’ll discover, whether you feel appreciative or not, is that it ensures that you tend to stay in a very valuable mindset where you notice all the small things that person does.

What’s more, it also lets them know that you appreciate them on a regular and daily basis, and the chances are, they will appreciate you in the same small ways every day.

It is a simple way that all of us people can (and really should) express our respect and gratitude to each other, which brings us closer… And I’m sure you’ll agree how wonderful that is, isn’t it?

I am certain that we all enjoy and desire (and need) to be appreciated and acknowledged for the things we do (especially by those that we are closest to)… So that when someone says a simple, meant and unexpected “thank you”, it can be a wonderful little treat.

Go on, set your mind to it for a full day… Perhaps then you’ll develop more of a natural, regular habit of doing so… Thank a friend, a colleague or your spouse for doing what they do most days anyway… Any of those things they do without being asked each day. Not only does it make you feel fabulous because you are looking for positive and progressive things to be grateful for, it also makes them feel wonderful too!

It is going to remind you of how much you truly have to be thankful for too… That is when it becomes like a seemingly hypnosis inducing effect that permeates many levels and layers of your life… Which I think is pretty cool indeed 🙂